Study by the University of Bologna confirms:

How you can effectively combat nail fungus - even though nothing has worked for you so far!

How I finally got rid of my nail fungus after 6 years  – completely naturally, without discomfort, and within a few weeks.

I had been struggling with fungus on my toenails for several years.

When I first visited the doctor, he prescribed Terbinafine and Itraconazole to me.

It helped in the beginning, but the fungus reappeared just weeks later, so I had to return to the doctor’s office.

The nail fungus was stronger than ever before.

Over the next years, I tried countless different products from the pharmacy.

All of them only brought short-term success or no success at all.

Unfortunately, nail fungus seemed to like me.

Over the next few months, I searched the internet in hopes of finding a solution.

In my search for a sustainable nail fungus treatment, I came across a product that initially made me quite skeptical.

Because many manufacturers promise you the moon, but in the end, you often waste your money on something that doesn’t work.

What finally convinced me to give it a try was that the product is based on the latest research results from dermatologists at the University of Bologna. *¹

The University of Bologna is renowned for its research in various fungal diseases, making it one of the leading universities in this field.

As I read several academic articles about the study, I discovered that even celebrated podiatrists regarded the study results as the first effective approach against nail fungus.

The study discovered:

  1. which steps are necessary to permanently get rid of nail fungus
  2. which natural ingredients are the most effective against nail fungus
  3. and the reasons for their sustainable effectiveness

I finally understood how the fungus develops…

…and why it has been so challenging to eliminate it thus far

I have summarised this information for you in the following points.

Because to understand how you can permanently get rid of your nail fungus, it is important that you know how it actually develops.

The nail develops in the nail root (the so-called nail matrix) and grows from there.

If you have been infected with nail fungus, the fungus penetrates through the nail and migrates to the nail root within your body.

There, the fungus takes hold and attacks the regenerating and growing nail.

This means: As long as the nail fungus is present at the nail root, the nail will always regrow infected with fungus.

The problem is:

Traditional home remedies and over-the-counter products from the pharmacy only combat nail fungus on the surface of the nail.

For example, nail polishes from the pharmacy try to remove the fungus on the nail.

The nail polish does indeed remove the fungus on the surface of the nail, causing it to temporarily recede….

…however, the active ingredients do not penetrate the nail root (nail matrix).

Consequently, the nail grows back with the fungus repeatedly.

The study results demonstrate that you can only successfully eliminate nail fungus by combating the fungus at the root.

 Only then the fungus-infected nail grows out and the healthy nail regrows.

To combat the nail fungus at its origin, which is the root, these three steps are necessary:

  1. To access the nail root, the nail has to be “opened” at the cellular level, enabling the anti-fungal agents to penetrate to the root.

  2. Only then can the anti-fungal agents completely remove the nail fungus.

  3. Afterward, it is crucial to ensure that the nail regenerates and grows back in a healthy manner.

Only by following these three steps you can achieve long-lasting results. *²

According to the study results, this is accomplished by combining very specific ingredients with each other.

Lemon acid:

Lemon acid (citric acid) “opens” the nail at a cellular level, allowing all active ingredients to directly reach the nail matrix (root).

This occurs because the acid in lemon juice enhances the permeability of the nail.

As mentioned earlier, the fungus often resides deep within the nail, and conventional remedies fail to reach the matrix, only addressing the surface-level fungus.

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is an antifungal agent that aids in eliminating nail fungus.

However, using tea tree oil alone is insufficient since it cannot reach the nail matrix by itself.

To achieve this, it has to be combined with lemon acid, as the latter is responsible for “opening” the nail.

Only then can the tea tree oil effectively target the nail root and eradicate the fungus from that area.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a valuable secret for skin and nail care.

It increases moisture in the nail bed and at the nail root, thereby nurturing and strengthening the nails.

This promotes the regeneration and growth of healthy and robust nails, particularly benefiting dry and brittle nails.

Additionally, Vitamin E aids in stimulating nail growth, facilitating the faster replacement of old, damaged nails.

Its inclusion in the nail fungus remedy is a crucial factor contributing to the efficacy of the nail matrix formula.

I know that was a lot of information at once.

That’s why I summarised the most important things for you in the following graphic:

Based on these research results from the University of Bologna, the product called “H-Nail Rescue Pen” was developed by the UK-based company “Naturalis®“.


What ultimately convinced me to order the Nail Care Pen were the many positive reviews from users.

Thousand of success stories confirm the efficacy of the Nail Pen:

“I can’t believe the solution is that simple. I spent months trying to get rid of this annoying fungus that cost me my beautiful nails. Finally, my feet look healthy again!” – Marie McLeod

“Works the way it’s described. As long as you pay attention to the daily application (which is very easy and quick), you will definitely achieve results as good as mine.” – Katy Watson

“I don’t think my nails have ever grown as quickly as after using this pen. The fungus is gone and my nails look healthier than ever before.” – Patricia Miller

“Great product!!!! Applying the solution was made super easy. It works very well!” – Hanna Doyle

“I will definitely order the pen again once it is used up just in case the foot fungus should come back. An effective product at such a low cost is definitely worth it!!” – Courtnay Hay

I decided to try the H-Nail Rescue Pen.

What did I have to lose?

My nails were already ruined anyway

And it was unbearable to walk around with such disgusting feet.

So I ordered the H-Nail Rescue Pen.

The pen arrived at my doorstep after just a few days

The “H-Nail Rescue Pen” is a product purely made from plant-based ingredients and is 100% free from chemicals and additives.

As mentioned above, it contains, lemon juice and tea tree oil, among other things.

They are all combined in the optimal ratio, along with other effective ingredients such as Vitamin E.

I was really excited, so I started using it immediately.

After consistent use, the initial changes became noticeable

This pen worked!

As long as you dedicate 2 minutes a day to “painting” the affected toenails or fingernails with it.

Since up to 3 applications per day are recommended, I actually used the pen up to 3 times daily.

Within a few days, I noticed the first signs of improvement.

Healthy nail started to grow back!

Seeing the fungus finally disappear brought me real joy!

And the best part: No new fungus appeared!

Week after week, new healthy nail continued to grow, pushing out the fungus-infected nail further and further.

I came across a lot of success stories on the internet.

The pen didn’t just treat my nail fungus!

After the fungus was long gone, I continued my routine and continued to use the pen regularly.

The result: my nails started to grow faster.

They not only grew back healthy, but they appreared whiter than ever before.

Made in London

I believe it was the fear of the nail fungus returning that motivated me to persistently use the product even after my nails were fully healthy.

The good thing about the Pen is that you can use it long-term.

So, to summarise:

Fights nail fungus: check.

Makes nails grow faster: check.

Removes discolouration and ridges from nails: check.

After nearly 13 months, I can say that no new nail fungus has appeared.

I think that once you establish a nail care routine, you become unconsciously more mindful of nail health.

Vegan & cruelty-free, free of chemical additives, and completely natural

As a satisfied customer, I am happy to share my experience with you and also show you where you can get the H-Nail Rescue Pen.

*Update: Due to its increasing popularity, the product has been sold out more frequently lately.

There is currently a discount promotion running.

The H-Nail Rescue Pen will therefore probably not be available for much longer.

Usually, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the product to be restocked.

Therefore, I recommend that you grab the 5-month package directly.

This way, you will be on the safe side and won’t have any interruption.

I’ve run out of stock in the second month, and unfortunately, that was the time when the product was sold out.

As a result, I had to pause for a few weeks, and I already noticed that the fungus returned in the third week.

With the 5-month package, you will also feel the best effect. The longer you use the pen, the more healthy nail grows and the chance for a new break-out gets lower.

The study recommends to use the ingredients for at least 3 months.

Else there is a chance that the fungus returns.

If you are NOT satisfied with the effectiveness of the H-Nail Rescue Pen you will get a full refund.

The online shop can offer this confidential guarantee because over 97% of customers are satisfied.

Pros and Cons about the H-Nail Rescue Pen

What I like about the H-Nail Rescue Pen

  1. Consists of 100% natural active ingredients in pharmacy quality and thus eliminates nail fungus in the long term.
  2. Not only fights nail fungus but also nourishes the skin around the nail.
  3. Has already helped over 25,000 customers.
  4. Comes from the UK and meets the highest quality standards.

What I do not like that much:

The product has to be used daily and is sold out very often.


Overall, the H-Nail Rescue Pen has convinced me in every way. I was able to effectively combat my nail fungus and at the same time contributed to ensuring that it does not reoccur.


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