Groundbreaking discovery in psoriasis:

How repairing your immune system can be the solution for your specific case of psoriasis

I got rid of my psoriasis forever, in just 2 months & you can do too by stopping your treatment and fixing the root of the issue. 

Hey, my name is Claudia Griffiths.


5 years ago I my skin started to change.


Not long after I struggled with the worst redness on my scalp and face, constant itching and dandruff flakes looking like snow. 


I went to my doctor who diagnosed me with psoriasis.


Every day I had to apply the hydrocortisone ointments he prescribed me.


Instead of my psoriasis getting better it also started to impact my joints and the areas under my nails.

This was a life-changing event for me.


I never thought I needed to hop on medication for life.


So I tried everything I could get my hands on.


From supplements to special diets.


But absolutely nothing changed.

Before giving up I found the following study.

It was conducted in 2021 by the University of Copenhagen in Denmark

The study shows that the go-to medication “cortisone-creme” actually causes psoriasis flare-ups instead of treating them in the long term.


I wanted to get more information so I contacted the research faculty.


I already forgot about my mail so I was even more shaken when I finally received a reply after 5 months.


The head of the institute Dr. Becker texted me a formal message.


Attached was a pdf document with the name “Auto-immune response of psoriasis patients”


Over 39 pages it explained the origins of psoriasis and its similarities to other auto-immune diseases.


Yes! Psoriasis, like Neurodermitis, Hashimoto, etc, is an auto-immune disease.


I thanked Dr. Becker for his help and asked him if there is a treatment alternative.

More promising news 3 weeks later

He finally replied with an invitation to a video call.


I couldn’t believe he really sacrificed his time to help me.


Anxiously I clicked on the invitation link.


A young man showed up. Not older than 35 years old.


He got straight to the point:


“Corticosteroidal cremes do more harm then good in the long term.


The only reason doctors still prescribe it is because they don’t know any better.


Actually, the health system is so influenced by big pharma that newer treatment methods are not covered by health insurance and therefore are rarely offered to normal people or:


they don’t even pop up in university.”


In fact: Psoriasis is even curable!

So what can you do to really battle psoriasis

The outbreak of psoriasis is just a last cry for help from your immune system.


You can imagine it like this: Your immune system consists of many different players. 


It triggers a chain reaction when “intruders” enter your body.


These can be viruses, bacteria, parasites or environmental pollutants.


The goal is to attack the intruder and thus protect your body.


One of the immune system’s players is particularly interesting – regulatory T-cells


They give their soldiers (killer cells) the orders when to attack the intruder.


They also determine when the attack is over.

The regulatory T cells are produced by your body itself.


However, this is almost permanently challenged by our current lifestyle.


This is mainly due to stress, environmental pollution, inflammation or even medication.


And this is exactly the problem: more and more regulatory T cells are needed.


Simply because your immune system is constantly active.


But your body can no longer keep up with the production. Accordingly, there are no or too few regulatory T cells at the site of action.


Chaos ensues.


Because the killer cells alone do not know how to behave.


So they fire away like crazy, hoping to hit the invader.

In doing so, they show no consideration for losses and sometimes even injure the body’s own tissues

Often psoriasis entails other chronic diseases

Quite often, in addition to psoriasis, other chronic diseases appear in the next few years*10 


“In a dermatological autoimmune disease, not treating the real causes is like playing Russian roulette every day.


Sooner or later it will hit you.” 


But in this case it’s not the bullet, it’s another chronic disease. 


The suffering increases every day.


That’s why you have to pay attention to the warning signals of your body. 


Through psoriasis your body tells you:

“Hey, the immune system is just getting out of control here and has already attacked the scalp. 


Please do something and make sure that the immune system works properly again …


else it will attack further parts of your body.“ 

But what does that mean? How do you produce more regulatory T-cells?

To get straight to the point:


Your body produces the regulatory T-cells in the bone marrow and in the thymus gland. 


This requires mainly the amino acids cysteine, glycine and a few minerals.


Healthy people take in enough of these nutrients through food. 


People affected by psoriasis, however, need considerably more of them. 


Simply because the body has to produce significantly more regulatory T cells. 

So for them, it is almost impossible to cover their needs through their normal diet. 


Because the gut of some people doesn’t absorb these nutrients which results in a deficiency in t-cells and as a result psoriasis develops.

Dr. Becker reveals the mystery

“You need to fix your absorbance rate while supplying yourself with the amino acid N-Acetyl-Cysteine”


Fixing your absorbance rate is only possible with a combination of probiotics. He referred to two studies:

The blood results were amazing.


After only 8 weeks, the regulatory T cells tripled in the participants.

To make this works it’s important to choose a supplement with the following ingredients.

  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine
  • Acidophilus Complex
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus casei

Those are the substances that your body needs to produce enough regulatory T-cells again.”


It has been shown that additional vitamin C and vitamin D have an alleviating effect on psoriasis symptoms too.

So I asked Dr. Becker if he knew about a supplement and he mentioned the British company Health Code.


I searched them up…

…and it looked like i stumbled upon an absolute secret weapon

The supplement, Health Code offered had exactly the ingredients Dr. Becker and the studies showed.


The reviews were very positive.

“The effect is absolutely spectacular. 🙂 I feel as good as I haven’t in a long time. My hair looks very healthy and I have no more dandruff.”

“Mind-blowing results in just 2 months. After years of listening to my GP, this has helped better than anything else on the market.”

“I never would have thought that a few probiotics and amino acids could positively change my life so much. My skin looks as good as it hasn’t in 10 years.”

The only difference was some added OPC, Vitamin D and Magnesium.

So I started following taking Immune Pro

Everyday I took a pill with my breakfast


I finally stopped applying cortisone.

2 weeks later – first improvements!!!

The itching started to get less.


The pain subsided slowly too.


The red patches on my forehead got smaller.


By the end of the second week, I could see mind-blowing results.


I felt like a million bucks. My hair looked amazing.


To be honest, I no longer felt any impairment from my psoriasis.


I also noticed that my nails became much healthier and stronger.


My skin got shiny and soft.


It seemed as if my entire body was recovering. 

Especially looking at my legs made me euphoric

After 2 months I looked like a new person.


I started wearing shorter clothes again.


It was the first time in 10 years that I wore a bikini at the lake.

By the way, I haven’t had a single “psoriasis flare-up” since my treatment….


And also my antibody levels are comparatively low.


I know that for us, psoriasis patients, this sounds like a miracle.


Just take a look at the results:

My antibody values from 15.03.2021

You can become symptom-free too with this protocol

Admittedly, that’s no wonder.


After all, almost the same ingredients are included.


Even today, I take “Immun Pro” daily.


Just like many other psoriasis sufferers who are convinced of its effectiveness.

There is practically no comparable combination of dietary supplements…


…that effectively combats the root cause of psoriasis.

I want to note that this is not advertising.


Even if you buy the product,


I don’t get anything.


I am just a satisfied customer because it turned my life 180 degrees.


And not only mine…

*Update: Due to its increasing popularity, the product has been sold out more frequently lately.


There is currently a discount promotion running.


Immune Pro will therefore probably not be available for much longer.

Usually, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the product to be restocked.


Therefore, I recommend that you grab the 3-month package directly.


This way, you will be on the safe side and won’t have any interruption in taking the supplement.


I’ve run out of stock once, and unfortunately, that was the time when the product was sold out.


As a result, I had to pause for a month, and I already noticed that I was getting worse from the third week.


With the 3-month package, you will also feel the best effect. The longer you use the dietary supplement, the more regulatory T-cells your body produces, and the better you will feel.


If you are NOT satisfied with the effectiveness of “Immune Pro,” you will get a full refund.


The online shop can offer this confidential guarantee because over 97% of customers are satisfied.

Pros and Cons about Immune Pro

What I like about Immune Pro:

1. Gets rid of psoriasis permanently

2. Backed by studies

3. 100% natural ingredients

4. Produced in the UK

5. Already helped over 2500 people


What I do not like that much:

1. Immune Pro is sold out very often

2. You have to take Immune Pro daily (not for life)



Using Immune Pro has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I recommend everybody suffering from psoriasis to at least try it!







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