How I got rid of brittle and thin nails

And how you can get fast-growing and strong natural nails too.

For ages, I have been plagued by brittle, chipping, and broken nails.


Back then, I used to regularly go to a nail studio to get gel or acrylic nails done…


In the short term, this always gave me the feeling of having long and strong nails…


However, after the gel nails were removed, my nails looked worse than ever before.


Eventually, I realised that artificial nails would only make my damaged nails worse in the long run…


My biggest desire was to have strong natural nails that would grow quickly on their own – without constantly breaking or chipping.


But apparently, it was not meant to be.


I didn’t really want to accept that and spent the next few months searching the internet in the hope of finding a solution.

What really helped me was a product that combated the roots of my issues

In search of the holy grail for strong and fast-growing natural nails, I stumbled upon a product after weeks and months of exhausting searching. At first, I was quite skeptical, as many manufacturers make promises that don’t deliver and end up wasting your money.

What finally convinced me to try it was that the product contains biotin and jojoba oil.

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is essential for the regeneration of healthy nails and therefore indispensable for a healthy appearance of the nails.

A similar effect is achieved with jojoba oil, which ensures resistant and firm nails.

That sounded promising.

“The product recommended by nail experts” was the next slogan that literally prompted me to order this supposed miracle cure for my nails immediately, because what else did I have to lose?

My nails were already ruined anyway… And it was an unbearable feeling to walk around with such nails.

Many reviews confirm the effectiveness of the “Nail Growth Serum”.

Finally, the “Nail Growth Serum” arrived, and it was a pen…

Well, not a ballpoint pen.

The “Nail Growth Serum” is a Made-in-Austria product with a solution inside that, according to the manufacturer, consists of purely herbal ingredients and is 100% free of chemicals and additives.

As mentioned briefly before, it contains, among other things, biotin, jojoba oil, and almond oil. I had read on the internet that these substances are effective for strong and fast-growing nails.

Now, they were all included in the optimal ratio in this product, along with other effective ingredients such as Vitamin C.

So, it was just what I was looking for!

Now this pen just has to work, and I’ll be a fan.

After regular use, admiration followed.

I don’t want to be a spoilsport, but the mere existence of this post should be proof enough that I eventually became a fan.

This pen worked!

Provided you take a few minutes every day to “paint” the affected nails with it.

Since 2-3 applications per day are recommended, I actually used the pen up to 3 times a day. After a few days, I saw the first improvement. The nail looked significantly stronger and firmer, and it had a really nice shine!

I cannot express the joy I had after seeing an improvement every day.

The best part: something (plant-based) in the solution made my nails literally “sprout,” which I really welcomed!

Day after day, new, strong and healthy nails grew.

Promised were strong, fast-growing natural nails – but I got even more!

The application of the Nail Growth Serum surprised me greatly.

Because I was promised the dreamy disappearance of brittle and splitting nails, but the pen brought me more than that.

Even when my nails had already become significantly stronger and more resilient, I continued my routine and used the pen regularly.

After all, I didn’t want my nails to lose their strength again.

Now, the nail bed also started to recover and looked much healthier.

Overall, the entire nail began to shine in a new glow.

Formula from London

I think it was the conviction and trust in the product that prompted me to continue using the nail serum even after my nails were completely healthy.

The great thing about the Nail Growth Serum is that I can use it permanently.

As mentioned before, it is made exclusively from natural ingredients and is produced in Austria.

So, I know that it is good for the health of my nails in the long term.

So, to summarize:

Fighting brittle nails: Check.

Faster growing nails: Check.

No more tearing and splitting: Check.

And very important:

Done something immensely important for nail health: Check!

Because now, after almost 13 months, I can say that it was the best decision to get this nail serum.

I think that once you establish such a small nail care routine after a certain time, you become unconsciously more mindful of nail health.

My source for the ….

I bought the pen from an online shop, which I have linked for you below.

The pen can be applied to both fingernails (as in my case) and toenails.

What customers are saying

“I can’t believe it could be so easy. After many years of artificial nails, my nails looked totally damaged. Now they are strong and firm like never before. Finally, my nails look healthy again!” – Marie Kaiser.

“Works as described. As long as you pay attention to the daily application (which is very easy and quick), you will surely achieve results as good as I had.” – Katja Uhler

“I don’t think my nails have ever grown as fast as they did after using this pen. At the same time, my nails look healthier than ever before.” – Patricia Schneider

“Great product!!!! Applying the solution was made super easy. It works very well!” – Hanna Doyle

“I will definitely order the pen again once it is used up just in case the foot fungus should come back. An effective product at such a low cost is definitely worth it!!” – Courtnay Hay

Even though I would have loved to be the creator of this amazing pen, unfortunately I have to admit that I was not the lucky one who invented it.

But as a convinced user, I am happy to share my experience with you and show you where you can get the Nail Growth Serum for strong natural nails (and all kinds of other benefits).

*Update: Due to its increasing popularity, the product has been sold out more frequently lately.


There is currently a discount promotion running.


The H-Nail Fungus Pen will therefore probably not be available for much longer.

I personally recommend only products that I love.

To ensure that you have the same great buying experience, I have negotiated something special for you with the team at Health Routine:

If you order the product through this page, Health Routine offers a 365-day guarantee.

If you are not absolutely thrilled with the product during this time, simply send an email to with “Gesundheitswoche Garantie” in the subject line.

The team will refund your purchase within approximately 1-2 business days.

We wish you a safe and 100% risk-free shopping experience.

Pros and Cons about the H-Nail Fungus Pen

What I like about the H-Nail Fungus Pen

  1. Consists of 100% natural ingredients and thus ensures long-term stable and healthy nails.
  2. Not only promotes strong and fast-growing nails but also nourishes the skin around the nail.
  3. Has already helped over 10,000 customers.
  4. Comes from Austria and meets the highest quality standards.
  5. 100% success guarantee.

What I do not like that much:

The product must be used daily


Overall, the H-Nail Fungus Pen has convinced me in every way. I was able to effectively combat my nail fungus and at the same time contributed to ensuring that it does not reoccur.





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