How I got rid of my stubborn hemorrhoids after absolutely nothing worked.

Why conventional methods, including putting yourself under the knife, almost always fail to provide a permanent solution and the comparably easy method that I found to work.

Becoming complaint-free is possible for 94% of affected women, but…

Let’s talk about the thing nobody wants to talk about.


Even though people should talk about it more often, because 20-50% will have hemorrhoids once in their lifetime. This means you are definitely not alone.


I used to suffer greatly from hemorrhoids or piles how some people call them.


They appeared after my pregnancy.


What started with an itchy bottom and occasional blood spots on the toilet paper turned into serious discomfort.


For years I had been applying my hydrocortisone, numbing agents and even took laxatives.


I know how it feels to have a stinging sensation in your bottom while sitting or having to go to the toilet…


…and the toll hemorrhoids have on your social life.


Next to the discomfort and the fact that I had a big lump hanging out of my behind the thing that affected me the most was that I couldn’t talk about it to anybody.


Because I felt embarrassed.


Today I can finally say that I feel no more impairment in my daily life.


My hemorrhoids disappeared completely.


Unfortunately this almost never happens to people who just follow the advice of their GP and apply ointments or even go the extra mile and get their hemorrhoids removed.

I was heavily affected by hemorrhoids…

Hemorrhoids gave me a hard time but I tried to stay positive

My doctor could not get the symptoms under control. 


And only an expensive specialist from the USA gave me advice which I had never heard before… 


which drastically improved my health in just a few weeks


His name is Dr. Rubin and he told me:

Unfortunately, the last thing you should put on your rectum is hydrocortisone or numbing agents.


They might help for a few months but cause severe bleeding in the long term by making your capillary wall thinner.


Surgeries won’t solve your issues either because the chance of your hemorrhoids reappearing is very high and the procedure itself is very uncomfortable. Especially the time after.


To really combat your issues you need to fix the reason why they appeared in the first place.” 

And with his statement he should be right. 


Because most doctors in the UK hardly pay attention to the cause… 


But when I recognised the real origin of my issue – and finally treated it… I felt amazing within weeks.


And no.


This is not about elaborate diets or mobility techniques to lower the pressure in your colon. (This only works if you don’t have hemorrhoids yet)


What I’m going to show you is possible from the comfort of your own home.


Dr Rubin referred to a study from the university of Bologna, which is well-known for their gastroenterologic institute.


But more about this later.

The real reason for your hemorrhoids to develop in the first place

When going to the doctors office they usually just prescribe you a creme and advise you to sit less or to change your nutrition.


You’re told: “Yes, you have hemorrhoids and now you have to live with it“.


If they won’t disappear after lifestyle changes and medication you always have the option to undergo surgery.


But why hemorrhoids appear in the first place is something that very few of those affected find out.


However, if you understand the correlations you can fight against it and alleviate your complaints. 

None of the ointments or suppositories ever worked for me

Why your piles develop…

…and your symptoms appear

With one thing doctors are right.


Piles do appear because of high pressure on your rectum.


Everybody has cushions in their behind that mainly consist of vascular structures.


You would have never noticed them if they didn’t swell up.


This happens because the blood flowing in can’t properly flow out.


This results in itching, discomfort, stinging sensations, and bleeding.


Hemorrhoid growth is categorised in 4 stages.


In the 4th stage you have literal lumps on the outside of your bum.

If you are especially unlucky your hemorrhoids inflammate as well.


Peoples rectums are full of bacteria that can cause infections.


Most people who are suffering from hemorrhoids have to go through this.


Me included.


It’s just a matter of time.


And you can believe me when I tell you that it makes the situation unbearable.

To sum up:


Hemorrhoids develop because of your cushions in your rectum swelling up. 


You might think that if they’re caused by high pressure they might disappear if you reduce the pressure.


That’s a common misconception lots of doctors still believe in.


If your veins leading up to your hemorrhoids expand they don’t develop back.


This means that the blood volume flowing to your rectum won’t decrease no matter how much you relax.


Even if you remove the hemorrhoids completely you can only catch a quick break till they come back.


And this time even worse because they are deeper in your rectum.


Because the vascular structure is still there.


So this is how you get rid of your complaints:


The majority of hemorrhoid sufferers go through the following circle:


  1. applying cremes
  2. not being able to take it anymore and undergoing surgery
  3. their hemorrhoids reappearing even worse.

The worst thing is that doctors don’t know any better.


They still practice after their old wisdom that they learned in med school.


There are two simple steps that will make you healthy again.

Step 1: You need to decrease the pressure on your rectum

At least the doctors got this point right


They tell you to sit less, eat more fiber or not waiting too long to go to the toilet…


The real problem is not being addressed.


So lots of people follow this advice everyday without any success.


Because this step won’t do anything long term if you don’t follow step 2.

Step 2: You need to shrink the already existing, abnormally enlarged veins

Only if you decrease the blood flow to the cushions in your rectum you will finally be healthy.


Your hemorrhoids would always develop again.


Even after undergoing surgery.


Only if you implement these two steps correctly, your complaints will disappear in the long run. 


Unfortunately, no attention is paid to the real cause of hemorrhoids. 


The abnormally enlarged veins are completely ignored… although they are responsible for keeping your hemorrhoids from shrinking.


Therefore, it is no wonder that so many people are still suffering.


To sum up:


You can’t really rely on doctors. At least not if you want to permanently get rid of piles.


However, your hemorrhoids have to be treated. And urgently! Why?

Hemorrhoids are always a warning signal for your bottom

Let’s get back to my experience.


After applying prescription ointments for ages and trying to keep a strict diet I made the decision to get my hemorrhoids removed.


When the doctor came in to tell me that the surgery was succesfull I felt happier than ever.


Finally I could live my old life again.


But the bad news didn’t wait.


I developed an eczema.


Later on I found out that this is very common.


Every second woman suffers from further issues.

So how can we reduce the blood flow in our vascular structure?

According to the study results, this is achieved by combining very specific ingredients with each other.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil contains one of the strongest natural antibacterial agents.


It penetrates deep into the hemorrhoid tissue and reduces inflammation and bacterial focus.


But using Tea Tree oil alone does not work because the vascular structure is still active.



HCSE (Horse chestnut essential oil) plays a major part in hemorrhoid treatment.


Its ability to shrink vascular structures already made it useful in the treatment of varicose veins.


Sea pine:

The positive effects of sea pine on edema and swelling have been discovered years ago.


While usually being used on the legs this study shows that their application on the rectum brings amazing results.



Last but not least we need to reduce the pressure on the cushions in our rectum.


This is where Arnica comes into play.


It is a strong natural muscle relaxant.


Topical administration arnica results in lower blood flow and less cramped muscles, which is exactly what you need to keep your hemorrhoids from reappearing.


I know that was a lot of information at once.


That’s why I summarised the most important things in the following graphic for you:

Based on these research results from the University of Bologna, the product called “H-Hemorrhoid Pen” was developed by the UK-based company “Health Code”.


What ultimately convinced me to order the H-Hemorrhoid Pen were the numerous positive reviews from users.

Thousand of success stories confirm the efficacy of the H-Hemorrhoid Pen:

“I can’t believe the solution is that simple. I spent years trying to get rid of this terrible issue that cost me my quality of life.” – Marie McLeod

“Works the way it’s described. As long as you pay attention to the daily application (which is very easy and quick), you will definitely achieve results as good as mine.” – Katy Watson

“I had my doubts that this would work. Be patient and apply as directed (3x/day). It works! Took about 3 weeks to completely disappear, but it did it! Quality product!” – Patricia Miller

“Great product!!!! Applying the solution was made super easy. It works very well!” – Hanna Doyle

“This formula is amazing and I was very close to painful surgery. This should be a treatment in all doctors offices. I keep a bottle year round and use for preventative measures. ” – Courtnay Hay

I decided to try the H-Hemorrhoid Pen.


What did I have to lose?


So I ordered the H-Nail Fungus Pen.

It arrived at my doorstep after just a few days


In a discreet packaging. Very important to me personally!


The “H-Hemorrhoid Pen” is a product purely made from plant-based ingredients and is 100% free from chemicals and additives.


As mentioned above, it contains, among other things, HCSE, Sea Pine, Arnica and tea tree oil.


They are all combined in the optimal ratio, along with other effective ingredients such as Vitamin E.


I was really excited, so I started using it immediately.

After regular use, the first changes were noticeable.

This pen worked!


Provided that you take the 2 minutes a day to “paint” your rectum.


Since up to 3 applications per day are recommended, I actually used the pen up to 3 times a day.


After a few days, I felt the first improvement.


The swelling reduced!


And the best part: It got better day by day!


It took me 3 months in total until I felt amazing.

Made in London

I think it was the fear of the hemorrhoids reappearing that prompted me to continue using the product even after I felt good again.


The good thing about the Pen is that you can use it long-term.


After nearly 13 months, I can say that the hemorrhoids didn’t reappear.

Vegan & cruelty-free, free of chemical additives, and completely natural

As a satisfied customer, I am happy to share my experience with you and also show you where you can get the H-Hemorrhoid Pen.


Btw. even Dermatest has rated the product as “excellent”.

*Update: Due to its increasing popularity, the product has been sold out more frequently lately.


There is currently a discount promotion running.


The H-Hemorrhoid Pen will therefore probably not be available for much longer.

Usually, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the product to be restocked.

Therefore, I recommend that you grab the 4-month package directly.

This way, you will be on the safe side and won’t have any interruption.

I’ve run out of stock once, and unfortunately, that was the time when the product was sold out. This was in my second month of using it.

As a result, I had to pause for a month, and I already noticed that the swelling started again in the third week.

With the 4-month package, you will also feel the best effect. The longer you use the pen, the lower the risk of your hemorrhoids reappearing gets.

If you are NOT satisfied with the effectiveness of the H-Hemorrhoid Pen you will get a full refund.

The online shop can offer this confidential guarantee because over 97% of customers are satisfied.

Pros and Cons about the H-Hemorrhoid Pen

What I like about the H-Hemorrhoid Pen


  1. Consists of 100% natural active ingredients in pharmacy quality and thus gets rid of hemorrhoids permanently.
  2. Easy and comfortable to apply
  3. Has already helped over 5,000 customers.
  4. Comes from the UK and meets the highest quality standards.

What I do not like that much:


The product must be used daily for at least 3 months.




Overall, the H-Hemorrhoid Pen has convinced me in every way. It literally saved my butt and gave me a feeling of safety for the case that I have to encounter this issue in my life again.





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