Study by the University of Bologna confirms:

How you can effectively combat Hashimotos - even though most doctors say its uncureable and only treat symptoms

How I finally got rid of my Hashimotos after 6 years  – completely naturally, without Lebothyroxin, and within 12 weeks.

I had been struggling with Hashimotos for several years.


When I first visited a doctor, he prescribed L-Thyroxin to me.


It helped in the beginning, but my weight gain, constant fatigue, and depressive moods


reappeared  just weeks later, so I had to return to the doctor’s office.


I tried to drop the pills but it seems like I was completely disfunctional without them.


Over the next years, I tried countless different products from the pharmacy.


All of them only brought short-term success or no success at all.


The idea of being stuck with Hashimotos forever was terrifying for me.


Especially, because I lived a very active life with my kids.


In the next few months, I searched the internet hoping to find a solution.

After weeks and months of exhaustive research, I found a sustainable approach to fix my thyroid: a product that initially made me skeptical.


Because many manufacturers promise you the moon, but in the end, you often waste your money on something that doesn’t work.


What finally convinced me to give it a try was that the product is based on the latest research results from immunologists at the University of Bologna. *¹

The University of Bologna is renowned for its research in various autoimmune diseases, making it one of the leading universities in this field.


As I read several academic articles about the study, I discovered that even celebrated endocrinologists regarded the study results as the first effective approach against Hashimotos.

The study discovered:

  1. which steps are necessary to stop your immune system from attacking your thyroid
  2. which natural ingredients are the most effective against auto immune diseases
  3. and the reasons for their sustainable effectiveness

I finally understood how Hashimotos develops…

…and why it has been so challenging to get rid of it thus far

I have summarised this information for you in the following points.


Because to understand how you can permanently get rid of Hashimotos, it is important that you know how it actually develops.


Because nobody is born with Hashimoto’s.


And often, the onset of the disease is just a final cry for help from your immune system.


You can imagine it like this:


Your immune system consists of many different players.


It triggers a chain reaction when “intruders” enter your body.


These can be viruses, bacteria, parasites, or environmental pollutants, for example.


The goal is to attack the intruder and protect your body.


Main players are your regulatory T-Cells.


They tell when and where to attack.

The regulatory T cells are produced by your body itself.


However, our modern lifestyle almost constantly stresses the immune system.


This is mainly caused by stress, environmental pollutants, inflammation or even medications.


And that’s exactly the problem:


More and more regulatory T cells are needed simply because your immune system is constantly active.


But your body can’t keep up with the production.


Therefore, there are no or too few regulatory T cells at the site of action.


Chaos arises.


In doing so, they show no consideration for losses and sometimes even injure the body’s own tissues


In our case the thyroid.

Here’s how you can think of your immune system when regulatory T cells stop working properly *5 


So let’s summarise again: 


Your immune system permanently needs regulatory T cells to function properly.


At some point, however, your body can no longer keep up with production


Accordingly, your immune system no longer works smoothly. 


It inadvertently attacks its own tissues…. and an under-active thyroid develops.

The study results demonstrate that you can only successfully beat Hashimotos by combating it at the root.

Only if you thyroid is not under attack it can produce the necessary hormones and your symptoms subside.


To live a normal life again you need to follow these steps:


  1. You need to provide your body with enough hormones (at least till the second part starts to work)

  2. You need to make your body produce enough regulatory T-Cells again.

  3. Only if those steps are followed the immune system will calm down and do its normal job again.

According to the study results, this is accomplished by combining very specific ingredients with each other.


As the study shows, the amino acid N-Acetyl-Cysteine plays a big role in the synthesis of regulatory T-Cells.


Not just this. They make them live longer too. While the average T-Cell lives no longer than 160 days, in combination with N-Acetyl-Cysteine the cells can live up to 50% longer.


There is only one issue:


Your digestive tract cant absorb them properly. Especially the microbiome of people with Hashimotos lacks essential bacteria.


A cocktail of special probiotics:

Essential for this treatment approach is to increase your absorbance rate of N-Acetyl-Cysteine. 


The amino acids from the strains:


Acidophilus, Rhamnosus and Casei


proved themselves to be very effective.



To protect your thyroid from the damage your immune system is causing at the moment, antioxidants like Vitamin C and OPC, play a major role.


Based on these research results from the University of Bologna, the product called “Balance Pro” was developed by the UK-based company “Health Code”.


What ultimately convinced me to order Balance Pro were the numerous positive reviews from users.

Thousand of success stories confirm the efficacy of Balance Pro:

“I can’t believe the solution is that simple. I spent months trying to get my symptoms under control without success. Now I finally feel like myself again!” – Marie McLeod

“Interesting approach to an underperforming thyroid. Helped me tremendously.” – Katy Watson

“I look like a different person thanks to this stuff. I am quite confident that T-Cell therapy will be a rising star in Hashimotos treatment soon.” – Patricia Miller

“Great product!!!! It works very well!” – Hanna Doyle

“I use it for 6 months and could drop my hormone pills almost completely. My doctor decreased the dosage from 88mg to 20mg daily!!” – Courtnay Hay

It is important to not waste too much time.

For the majority of people their path of suffering doesnt stop with Hashimotos.


Sooner or later the immune system attacks other parts of your body like your joints or your pancreas.


This leads to further complications down the road.

I decided to try Balance Pro


What did I have to lose?


My body was already dependent to the L-Thyroxin.


And it was unbearable to deal with the symptoms all my life.


So I ordered Balance Pro.

The capsules arrived at my doorstep after just a few days


Balance Pro is a product purely made from plant-based ingredients and is 100% free from chemicals and additives.


As mentioned above, it contains, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, a cocktail of probiotics and Vitamin C


They are all combined in the optimal ratio, along with other effective ingredients such as Vitamin D.


I was really excited, so I started using it immediately.

After consistent intake, the initial changes became noticeable

This product worked!


I took the capsules with my breakfast everyday and waited patiently.


Within a few weeks, I noticed the first signs of improvement.


My midday slump disappeared!


I was full of energy and my mood improved drastically.


My physical appearance changed too.


The hair loss I experienced before just subsided and my hair got stronger.


I came across a lot of success stories on the internet.


People especially highlighted the effect on their hair.

But it did even more than this!

Next to feeling better, sleeping better and my blood work improving to the levels of a normal woman my age one thing shocked me the most…

I lost weight. A significant amount. 12kg within 6 weeks.

Without changing anything about my diet or physical activities.

Thats a lot for a person who tried everything under the sun without success.

I believe it was the fear of Hashimotos returning that motivated me to persistently take the product even after my blood work was in balance.


The good thing about Balance Pro is that you can take it long-term.


I took it for 6 months in total.


So, to summarise:


Balances your immune system: check.


Gets rid of Hashimotos symptoms: check.


Improves your blood work: check.


After nearly 13 months, I can say that I had no more Hashimoto outbreaks.

Vegan & cruelty-free, free of chemical additives, and completely natural

As a satisfied customer, I am happy to share my experience with you and also show you where you can get Balance Pro.

*Update: Due to its increasing popularity, the product has been sold out more frequently lately.


There is currently a discount promotion running.


Balance Pro will therefore probably not be available for much longer.

Usually, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the product to be restocked.


Therefore, I recommend that you grab the 4-month package directly.


This way, you will be on the safe side and won’t have any interruption.


I’ve run out of stock once in the first 6 months, and unfortunately, that was the time when the product was sold out.


As a result, I had to pause for a month, and I already noticed that some symptoms returned slightly in the third week.


With the 4-month package, you will also feel the best effect. The longer you take the product, the lower the chance for a new outbreak gets.


If you are NOT satisfied with the effectiveness of Balance Pro you will get a full refund.


The online shop can offer this confidential guarantee because over 97% of customers are satisfied.

Pros and Cons about Balance Pro

What I like about the Balance Pro


  1. Consists of 100% natural active ingredients in pharmacy quality and gets rid of Hashimotos symptoms in the long term.
  2. Balances out your immune response in general.
  3. Has already helped over 5,000 customers.
  4. Comes from the UK and meets the highest quality standards.


What I do not like that much:


The product must be used daily for at least 4 months.




Balance Pro turned out to be the rescue for all my Hashimotos symptoms. I was able to drop my meds and feel as good as I didnt in the last 6 years. Judging from the reviews my case doesnt seem to be isolated so I can definitely recommend!


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