First public report:

The Psoriasis-Formula

At least 94% of women affected by psoriasis can become symptom-free in just a few weeks thanks to repairing their immune system!

My confidence suffered under psoriasis but now I feel like myself again.

Becoming complaint-free is possible for 94% of affected women, but…

I was just desperate, and hardly anyone understood me.


For years, I had been applying my dose of Dithranol and Cortisone… 


and still, I struggled with the worst redness on my scalp and face, constant itching and dandruff flakes looking like snow. 


I just wished for a life without psoriasis. 


According to my GP I shouldn’t stress myself that much. 


But I wasn’t stressed at all. So why didn’t I feel better? 


Today I am able to say: I feel like myself again


Honestly, I no longer feel anything of my illness in my everyday life. 


In the meantime I learned exactly which comparatively simple steps the typical psoriasis patient has to take to live permanently free of symptoms


And yes, with this knowledge, I could already help some people.


However, I also made a very tragic discovery along the way. 


And that’s that most of the affected will continue to deal with severe redness, intolerance, itching, rashes, pain, etc. for the rest of their lives


Especially if they continue to only listen to their doctor’s advice and treat the symptoms of their condition instead of the real cause


Dr. Anderson is a dermatologist from the USA and he also confirms:

„At least 94% of all psoriasis patients can live free of symptoms relatively easily. But only a small fraction of them knows the steps necessary to do so.“

Hey, my name is Claudia Griffiths and the reality I just described is indeed quite bitter.


But still, I have good news for everyone dealing with psoriasis out there:


Rough or painful skin does not have to become a permanent condition with psoriasis.


Quite the contrary.


With a comprehensively treated dermatological autoimmune disease, it is possible to live almost symptom-free.


I am living like that now.


And yes, I am really talking about a life with normal hair and beautiful skin free of pain and itching.


However, that was not always the case.

I was heavily affected by psoriasis…

My doctor could not get the symptoms under control. 


And only an expensive specialist from the USA gave me advice which I had never heard before… 


which drastically improved my health in just a few weeks


He said to me at the time:

Unfortunately, with autoimmune skin conditions, it is NOT enough to just apply cream – and hope for your symptoms to disappear.


If you really want to become symptom-free in the long term then I can help you.


However, to do so we must choose a path that is still relatively unknown in Europe. Applying anti-inflammatory agents only alleviates the symptoms.


The actual cause of psoriasis however is completely ignored.” 

And with his statement he should be right. 


Because most doctors in the UK hardly pay attention to the cause… 


But when I recognised the real origin of my disease – and finally treated it…

Then almost all my complaints disappeared in just a few weeks!


But I know that I am definitely not a single case…


Already hundreds of thousands of women around the world use the same approach to live a life free of symptoms.


The whole thing is possible in your case too!

And no.


This is not about elaborate diets, expensive special treatments or other mumbo jumbo.


What I’m going to show you is possible from the comfort of your own home.

So if you are having issues with psoriasis

Then read my experience report carefully.


Believe me, you too can finally get your symptoms under control


Knowing the simple steps that are necessary for this. I will tell you:

– Why in 97% of all cases taking hormone ointments such as cortisone as well as relaxation techniques are not enough to really “get well” and why you still deal with the typical symptoms.


– Why autoimmune skin diseases are serious warning signals from your body. The whole thing leads to further health problems in 3 out of 4 cases. At least if you only treat the symptoms of your disease but ignore the real cause.


– How I live almost symptom-free today, although no doctor could help me for many years. And how you can do the same!

I had a difficult relationship with my scalp for several years. 


I know the desperate feeling when you have to put makeup over the red spots every day. 


I am aware how extremely the mental health declines because of psoriasis. 


Doctors only prescribe cortisone and every now and then you go to a dermatologist. 


If you still feel bad, you are more or less on your own


Sometimes you are not even taken seriously anymore… 


On the Internet though you are flooded with information


One source writes you must not let yourself be stressed under any circumstances and resign yourself to it. 


The next one promises that a special diet or special shampoos will definitely help. 


Honestly, with so much information, how can you know what really works?

For this reason, I share with you a holistic path


This focuses on treating the cause of your autoimmune disease, not just putting up with it. 


Only with such an approach can any psoriasis symptoms really be combated in the long term and permanently.


And yes, I know that exactly this approach is also recently sold for hundreds of pounds on the Internet. 


I don’t want to ruin these people’s business either. 


However, I see it as my duty of solidarity to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. 


Especially because those are easy-to-implement steps that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives. 


And which lead to better quality of life.

Alina couldn’t ignore her psoriasis any longer

With her diagnosis, some things changed in the way she felt about her body


She says: 

“Suddenly I could no longer ignore the itch. In a very unnatural way I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it. No matter how often I showered, my scalp was always covered in dandruff. My skin appearance also changed. All of a sudden I got something like a rash on my face, which just wouldn’t go away.“

Her doctor could only help Alina to a limited extent. 


He always told her, “Once we find the right dose of cortisone for you, the physical symptoms will go away.” 


The physical problems persisted. 


Out of frustration, she registered in various online forums on the topic of “psoriasis”. 


There she begged for help and that’s how I found her. 


We spoke on the phone a few times and I told her about my story (more on that later). 


She was very curious and wanted to test some things after she learned about the real causes of her disease. 


After that there was silence for about 4 months. 


Then Alina contacted me again. 


Her condition had improved drastically. 


Her appearance seemed to have changed. 


Since pictures usually say more than words, here are two pictures of her. 


The change is really amazing.

Julia complained about her non-existent social life

She was 29 years old at the time and was severely affected by her auto-immune disease.


The heaviest burden for Julia was her social life. 


She describes the situation at that time with the following words: 

“No matter where I go, I always feel like people stare at me and keep me at distance.


I would’ve never thought to say something like this but I feel disgusting.


In public people treated me as if I had a deadly, contagious disease. Let alone the pain below the finger nails and on my eyelids.


God bless I feel better now. In my opinion a life with psoriasis is too limited to not try everything to solve the issue.


Not just because of the itches and the pain but because of the fact that your confidence seriously suffers from it.”

She was a working colleague of mine so I could see her static improvement over the weeks. 


At the beginning I thought that she covered her red areas with make up


but it turned out that the spots decreased more and more to the point where she had the smoothest skin I’ve ever seen.

What is the real cause of psoriasis in the first place

When going to the doctors office they usually just take a quick look at you and prescribe you a creme.


They typically just say: “Yes, you have psoriasis and now you have to live with it“.


But why it happens in the first place is something that very few of those affected find out.


However, if you understand the correlations you can fight against it and alleviate your complaints. 


So let’s dig deeper!


Psoriasis is an immune-associated disease.


Our immune system is directed against our own cells and causes inflammatory reactions.

Why your immune system is turning against you…


…and where all your symptoms come from

Because no one is born with psoriasis.


And often the outbreak of the disease is just a last cry for help from your immune system.


It basically tells you: “I am sorry. I can’t do this anymore.“


It is therefore much more important to understand what had happened years before the disease appeared. 


You can imagine it like this: Your immune system consists of many different players. 


It triggers a chain reaction when “intruders” enter your body.


These can be viruses, bacteria, parasites or environmental pollutants.


The goal is to attack the intruder and thus protect your body.


So far so good.


For us psoriasis patients, one of the immune system’s players is particularly interesting – regulatory T-cells


These have the same role as a general in the military. *2


They direct the attacks on the intruder line.


That means they give their soldiers (killer cells) the orders when to attack the intruder.


They also determine when the attack is over.


Then the killer cells retreat again.

Here you can see the important players of an immune system *3


The regulatory T cells are produced by your body itself.


Together with the killer cells, they migrate to where the immune system is currently needed.


However, this is almost permanently challenged by our current lifestyle.


This is mainly due to stress, environmental pollution, inflammation or even medication.


And this is exactly the problem: more and more regulatory T cells are needed.


Simply because your immune system is constantly active.


But your body can no longer keep up with the production. Accordingly, there are no or too few regulatory T cells at the site of action.


Chaos ensues.


Because the killer cells alone do not know how to behave.


Yet they desperately want to kill the invaders to protect your body.


So they fire away like crazy, hoping to hit the invader.

In doing so, they show no consideration for losses and sometimes even injure the body’s own tissues

Dr. Datis Kharrazian is a physician from the USA. 


He specializes in dermatological immune diseases and describes the situation with the words: 

“The regulatory T cells can no longer direct the immune process. As a result, the killer cells begin to behave chaotically – and eventually body tissue is destroyed” *4

Here’s how you can think of your immune system when regulatory T cells stop working properly *5 


So let’s summarize again: 


Your immune system permanently needs regulatory T cells to function properly.


At some point, however, your body can no longer keep up with production


Accordingly, your immune system no longer works smoothly. 


It inadvertently attacks its own tissues…. and psoriasis develops.

So this is how you can really get rid of your complaints:

Consequently, there are two simple steps that will make you healthy again.

Step 1: You must protect your cells from your immune system.

Your scalp is identified as an aggressor and is therefore attacked by your immune system.


The inflammation must be stopped.


Otherwise, it will not be able to function properly.


For this reason, you need to supply the anti-inflammatory hormones “from the outside”. 


This is typically what doctors do. At least, something…


They usually prescribe cortisone ointment.

Step 2: You have to make sure that you produce enough regulatory T cells. 

Only then will your immune system function properly again... and you will get healthy again.


Your immune system has to work for you and not against you.


Only if you implement these two steps correctly, your complaints will disappear in the long run. 


Unfortunately, the “normal” medical treatment often only implements step 1.


You know it well enough yourself: your doctor prescribes you the ointment and that’s it.


But what about the second step?


No attention is paid to the real cause of psoriasis. 


The broken immune system is completely ignored… although it is responsible for the illness.


Therefore, it is no wonder that so many people are still suffering.


To sum up:


You can’t really rely on doctors. At least not if you want to finally fix the cause of your disease.


However, your psoriasis must be treated. And urgently! Why?

Because an autoimmune disease is always a warning signal from your body

A good example of this is the story of Manuela. 


The whole thing happened about 10 years ago. I knew Manuela from the gymnastics club.


She suffered from psoriasis. (By the way, I did not suffer from it at that time).


The amazing thing: she was doing well in general and had hardly any complaints.


At most, some dandruff flakes were visible.


Otherwise she was fine.


During a routine medical examination, however, she was diagnosed with an inflammation in her knee joint.


So in addition to her psoriasis, she was diagnosed with rheumatism. 


This was another severe limitation for her.


She had to give up gymnastics. She was often plagued by excruciating side effects. 


These were mainly headaches, pain in many joints accompanied by eczema.


Also the chores became more and more exhausting for her.


She just didn’t have the strength anymore….


Nowadays I know: Manuela’s story is not the only case.

Often psoriasis entails other chronic diseases

Quite often, in addition to psoriasis, other chronic diseases appear in the next few years*10 


“In a dermatological autoimmune disease, not treating the real causes is like playing Russian roulette every day.


Sooner or later it will hit you.” 


But in this case it’s not the bullet, it’s another chronic disease. 


The suffering increases every day.


That’s why you have to pay attention to the warning signals of your body. 


Through psoriasis your body tells you:

“Hey, the immune system is just getting out of control here and has already attacked the scalp. 


Please do something and make sure that the immune system works properly again …


else it will attack further parts of your body.“ 

So ladies now it’s time for my story…

What freed me at the time from the vicious circle of complaints … and how you ca do the same!

This is me Claudia.


I am 37 years old and about 6 years ago I was diagnosed with psoriasis. 


I was completely in the dark for the first 2 years. 


At that time I didn’t have to fight with extreme itching, dandruff and partly depressive moods


although according to my family doctor I had already tried everything you can imagine. 


At least that was her opinion when she saw my cortisone dose. 


Two years after my diagnosis, I was struggling with more and more joint pain. 


This was also the turning point in my medical history. 


I looked up on the Internet if the joint pain was related to my psoriasis. And who would’ve thought: 


Yes it was! 


After all, I didn’t want my health to deteriorate any further over the next few years. 


My family doctor then just said dryly: 

„Ms. Griffiths, don’t worry too much about that. The joints just wear out with age and then it pinches a little here and there. But I can understand that you are afraid. I’ll prescribe you something for that, too.“ 

What she finally prescribed me was an antidepressant.

From this point on I was fed up with the doctors

Always just being brushed off. They never really care. 


To make a long story short: 


I took the responsibility for my health in my own hands.


I invested my saved money in a holistic treatment


For this I flew to a doctor in the USA who specialises in psoriasis. 


His name is Dr. Anderson for those who are interested. 


Going to him was really one of the best decisions of my life. 


There I finally felt like I was being taken seriously. 


Several tests were done on my immune system. 


But also other organs like the intestines, the liver or the adrenal glands were checked. 


He also looked at my eating habits… and finally he had a complete picture of me. 


Based on this, a therapy plan was created. 


By the way, I had to pay for the entire treatment myself out of my own pocket. 


Just like the flight and the accommodation. 


It wasn’t cheap by any means

But today I can say that the effort was worth it

I feel so much better now both physically and psychologically.


I am always in a good mood… and have more than enough energy for everyday life.


This experience changed my life co drastically that I want to share this with the whole world.


So that nobody has to fly to the US or spend fortune on unnecessary treatments… 


I will explain to you what really made the difference for me.


What made my complaints disappear. 


What you can try doing too in your country at your own apartment.


And what tens of thousands of women all over the world have already used to get well again.

The solution is easier than you think

By now you know what the main cause of your psoriasis is: there are too few regulatory T cells. 


Then the immune system gets out of control.


I have already described this above.


So the solution is the following: you have to make sure that your body produces enough regulatory T cells again.


Then your immune system will work for you again.


Your body will be able to do its normal tasks properly again.


And your current symptoms will be alleviated.

But what does that mean? How do you produce more regulatory T-cells?

At this point, Dr. Anderson comes into play again. 


I can remember it very clearly. It was a Tuesday when we did all the testing. 


I was scheduled to come back to the office on Friday.


There he presented me with my treatment plan.


I was a bit nervous. But he was able to calm me down:


„Ms. Griffiths, things don’t look that bad. You’ll simply undergo the T-cell therapy and then you’ll soon feel better again.“


„T-cell what?” I asked, puzzled.


“The whole thing is called T-cell therapy.


This is a method we use to increase the number of regulatory T cells.


This allows the immune system to recover and the symptoms to disappear.”

How T-cell therapy works:

At first this sounded likeserious intervention and heavy medication to me.


But I was totally wrong. 


Because every women dealing with psoriasis can carry out a T-cell therapy quite simply from home. 


Without any pills or remedies. 


You neither have to fly to the USA nor visit a doctors office on the regular.


To get straight to the point:


Your body produces the regulatory T-cells in the bone marrow and in the thymus gland. 


This requires mainly the amino acids cysteine, glycine and a few minerals.


Healthy people take in enough of these nutrients through food. 


Women affected by psoriasis, however, need considerably more of them. 


Simply because the body has to produce significantly more regulatory T cells. 

So for them, it is almost impossible to cover their needs through their normal diet. 


Because most peoples digestive tract is not filtering out the nutrients.

Dr. Anderson reveals the mystery

“In other words, your body needs the substances it can use to produce sufficient number of regulatory T-cells again.

In 2 months at the latest you will feel like a different person. Otherwise, we’ll talk on the phone again and see how things go.” 

I thanked him for his efforts and left the office.


Admittedly, I had a very queasy feeling.


After all, I traveled all the way to the United States.


We did so many examinations… 


And now, in the end, all I had to do was to follow his protocol.


For the life of me, I couldn’t imagine that this would really make me symptom-free.


So as soon as I arrived at the hotel, I searched through the internet…

…and it looked like i stumbled upon an absolute secret weapon

I found several studies that confirmed the effectiveness of T-cell therapy. *13


The study investigated whether the production of regulatory T-cells can be boosted by a protocol similar to Dr. Anderson’s. 

“The effect is absolutely spectacular. 🙂 I feel as good as I haven’t in a long time. My hair looks very healthy and I have no more dandruff.” wrote a user

“I never would have thought that a few amino acids could positively change my life so much. My skin looks as good as it hasn’t in 10 years.” several users reported

“This morning I had tears in my eyes. The pain in my elbows is finally better” a 50-year-old woman said

The blood results were amazing.


After only 8 weeks, the regulatory T cells tripled in the participants.

My initial skepticism was now completely gone.


Now I could not wait to incorporate all of those habits into my everyday life.

So I started following the protocol

I dropped the ointments.


I did everything exactly as Dr. Anderson had recommended.


But I didn’t notice any changes…


No effect whatsoever


One day – no change. Two days – no change. Five days – still felt nothing.


Slowly I began to doubt whether the whole thing was working at all.


I called Dr. Anderson. He told me that it was too early to jump into conclusions. 


And he was right!

1 week later – first improvements!!!

The itching started to get less.


The pain subsided slowly too.


The red patches on my forehead got smaller.


Now I know that the effect of T-cell therapy is not immediately noticeable. 


After all, it takes time for your body to produce enough regulatory T cells again.


Only when this happens, you will feel better.


By the end of the second week, I could see visual palpable mind-blowing results.


I felt like a million bucks. My hair looked amazing.


To be honest, I no longer felt any impairment from my psoriasis.


I also noticed that my nails became much healthier and stronger.


My skin got shiny and soft.


It seemed as if my entire body was recovering. 

Especially looking at my legs made me euphoric

After 2 months I looked like a new person.


I started wearing shorter clothes again.


It was the first time in 10 years that I wore a bikini at the lake.

By the way, I haven’t had a single “psoriasis flare-up” since my treatment….


And also my antibody levels are comparatively low.


I know that for us, psoriasis patients, this sounds like a miracle.


Just take a look at the results:

My antibody values from 15.03.2021

You can become symptom-free too with this protocol

I know hundreds of success stories to this point.


Normal people who got rid of most of their symptoms after just a few weeks.


For example, there are the cases of Julia and Alina. I already told you about them at the beginning of this article.


While Dr. Anderson never made his program public, the company behind the study I mentioned in the previous paragraph did.


Their name is “Health Code”

In the end all comes down to these 3 macro-nutrients: 


N-acetyl-cysteine, L-glycine, zinc


Antioxidants such as astaxanthin, OPC or even alpha lipoic acid play a big role too.


They stimulate the production of the thymus gland.


And a hack to make your gut absorb all the nutrients.


All these specifications come directly from the Health Code Guide…


Otherwise, your body will not be able to produce enough regulatory T-cells… and you will not feel any effect.

Unfortunately you can’t just supplement those because the body can’t absorb them in an isolated form.


But the guide gives an easy solution for this. 

After I purchased their online guide for 24,95 GBP.


I compared their protocol with the one of Dr. Anderson.


It turned out that they describe exactly the same approach.


but they made it much easier to integrate the T-cell therapy in your everyday life.


Also Dr. Andersons method was quite strict and although the results were definitely worth it,


sometimes I found it psychologically hard to follow his protocol.


So I completely switched over to the “Health Code”protocol. 


Those were the best 25 pounds I have ever spent. I wish I’d found it before going to the US.

I’ll put a link to the “Health Code” below:

I want to note that this is not advertising. Even if you buy the product,


I don’t get anything.


I just truly believe in the therapy procedure as it turned my life 180 degrees.


And not only mine…

Important! Addendum to Health Code:

The company has revised its concept again in the last year. 


Now you no longer just receive your product after ordering, but also have a 24/7 contact person for individual questions.


This person then explains to you exactly what you have to observe when going through T-Cell Therapy. 


You are not completely on your own, but always have a helping hand at your side. 


Other changes that I have noticed in a positive way: 


60 days “money back guarantee” was introduced, customer service has improved greatly. 


Here is the link to the “Health Code” again:

A few final words

I have now given you all the important information in this article… 


and hope that you now better understand the correlations and background of your psoriasis.


You now not only know the main cause of your autoimmune disease… 


but also know why most doctors in the UK cannot treat it properly. 


I have shown you how you can live again free of symptoms thanks to “T-cell therapy”. 


So that you can finally lead the life again that you had before your psoriasis disease. 


With normal skin, enough energy and healthy joints. 


And an old friend greets you with the words: „Oops, I almost didn’t recognise you.“ 


Then you just feel great. The great thing is. This is possible for you, too. 


So many sufferers out there have already proven it. 


If you have any further questions now, feel free to email me. 


Just send it to: mailc.griffiths@gmail.com 


I will try to answer as soon as possible. 


Otherwise I wish you a pleasant day and all the best for your health.


Best regards 


Yours, Claudia

Family “Griffiths” wishes best regards and hopes you enjoyed the article







6. https://gammadelta-t-therapy.creative-biolabs.com/t-cell-therapy-development-services-for-autoimmune-diseases.htm 

7.https://cellcartoons.net/ ; https://sciencehook.com/ 








  1. Great article. The holistic medical approach has been completely forgotten. At least in the UK. At the end I always had the feeling that the doctors in the US pay more attention to their patients. And of course, the health insurance doesn’t cover it over there

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