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H-Nail Rescue Pen with Derma Nail Technology™ against fungal infections

The first naturally effective solution that gets to the root of nail fungus and allows nails to grow back healthily within 12 weeks.

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The H-Nail Rescue Pen shows an efficacy of 93% in dermatologic studies

To combat onychomycosis the following 3 steps are required:

1. “Opening” of the nail on a cellular level

In order to reach the nail root, the H-Nail Rescue Pen contains a combination of lemon acid and Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil. This combinations “opens” the nail (on a cellular level) so that the antifungal ingredients can reach the nail matrix (root) directly.

2. Get rid of nail fungus completely

Now we can use antimycotic (antifungal) agents to completely eradicate the nail fungus in the nail cells using Mentha Piperita Oil. It is important to note that this isolated oil alone does not work, as it does not reach the nail matrix.


3. Regenerate and regrow nail tissue

Vitamin E from Wheat germ oil and Aloe Barbadensis nourishes and strengthens the nail. It is a nutrient that increases the moisture content in the nail bed and at the nail root. This allows dry and brittle nails to regenerate and grow back healthy and strong.

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Top 3 reviews from the UK

Absolutely thrilled!

I’ve been using this product now for 4 months after ordering 3 pens at once. I’m absolutely thrilled I did because it’s the only product (out of loads that l’ve tried) that has worked on my toenail fungal. I’m so close to finally being able to wear sandals without covering my nails in polish!!! Not only that but I had very brittle finger nails too – they aren’t anymore!!!! I use this product everyday, several times and my nails are the best they’ve ever looked in my life. So bright and strong and healthy. The smell of this product is amazing too! Have been highly recommending to all my friends & family and have just ordered another 3 pens. Thank you so so much for this incredible product!


So far, so good

This seems to be working. Whatever fungus I have doesn’t make my nail too thick or yellow yet, but it wound seem to almost grow out then the nail would separate from the bed again in the same spot. I figured out it was a fungus after it spread really badly to my right big toe. In both toes the white separated area went about half way down my toe. I think the medication has just prevented it from spreading so it has slowly grown out. I apply it 2-3 times a day. Every couple of weeks I scrape the surface and trim the nail and under the toe where the nail is separated to get dead skin out. You can tell that l’ve cut my nail down quite short over time to remove as much of it as possible but still have my toe be comfortable. Been using the pen for about 5 months.

It’s worth a try!

Finally I can wear open shoes and as summer’s coming it makes me even more delighted. I had a full nail affected on my right foot, and it’s gone, I am 56, recommend xx


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1x H-Nail Rescue Pen


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5x H-Nail Rescue Pens


Only £11,80 per pen

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Money back warranty

3x H-Nail Rescue Pens


Only £14,67 per pen

Total: Only £44 £69 ( £29 discount)

Money back warranty

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Efficacy of the H-Nail Rescue Pen

The H-Nail Rescue Pen was developed according to the latest scientific research. It is based on the protected Derma Nail Technology™. The effect of each isolated ingredients has been proven in several studies, including a clinical combination study by the University of Bologna.

Results of happy customers

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Anita Mcleod: 86 days
Cecilia Watson: 119 days
Manuela Peters: 103 days
Nelly Taylor: 107 days
Emma Gordon: 114 days
Luisa Thomas: 143 days
Neil Beard: 87 days
Thomas Almadin: 114 days
Erica Steinert: 111 days
Lesley Wright: 97 days
Emilia Dalton: 94 days
Monica Wagner: 134 days

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The H-Nail Rescue Pen is the test winner of the Derma Foundation product comparison in the nail fungus category.

Naturalislab (Manufacturer) has 717 verified buyer reviews on Trustpilot.

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