How I got rid of my migraine after unsuccessfully trying every product!

Why conventional methods don’t work and what actually does.

If you are struggling with migraines, you know the problems all too well:

One doctor tells you to simply take painkillers and live with it.

The next one sends you to physiotherapy.

Sometimes there is a brief relief…

But no matter what you try, nothing seems to help permanently.

You feel as if your head is about to explode into a thousand pieces.

You may also feel nauseous or extremely cold…

And the worst part:

You never know when the next attack will happen and live in constant fear of it.

That’s how it was for me too, before I tried a completely new approach together with a doctor from Sweden.

This relatively unknown method in Germany helped me permanently get rid of my symptoms.

And now I want to share with you what made the life-changing difference for me – so that you too can permanently reduce or get rid of your migraine symptoms.

The real reason for migraine

My name is Miriam Mayr and since my 45th birthday, I have been struggling with migraines on and off.

My situation seemed hopeless as no doctor in Germany could help me.

I was always told to just take painkillers and learn to live with it.

But since I didn’t want to give up hope for relief, I decided to spend some money and work with a specialist from Sweden.

His name is Dr. Berg and this man has changed my life.

In one of our first sessions, which we conducted over a video call, he explained to me the true cause of my migraines:

“In fact, migraine research has made significant progress in recent years.

However, most doctors benefit from prescribing more medication and painkillers.

Therefore, very few doctors explain the true cause of migraines.

But don’t worry, I will now enlighten you about the true cause.”

What Dr. Berg told me next, I had never heard before.

He explained to me that migraines, simply put, come from an energy deficiency in an overloaded nervous system.

This is because the nervous system in migraine patients is inherently more sensitive (usually genetically).

Stimuli that pose no problem for a normal nervous system (such as certain smells or sounds) are a great burden for migraine sufferers.

To process all of this, migraine patients would need much more energy, which they do not have…

But how is it even possible that our nervous system has too little energy?

Let me explain:

In daily life, our body (and thus our nervous system) encounters various stimuli, such as light, sounds, smells, etc.

In a normal, healthy person, the nervous system filters out many of these stimuli, as it would be too much for our brain to process everything.

But in people with migraines, as I said before, the nervous system is naturally a bit more sensitive.

Your nervous system can no longer properly distinguish between important and unimportant stimuli…

And tries to process everything…

That is why your nervous system is constantly under high tension.

This reaction consumes more energy in the body than it has available…

And for this overloaded and exhausted nervous system, a small trigger is often enough to cause everything to become too much.

Then a migraine attack occurs.

It is important to understand that the trigger is not the cause of the migraine.

The trigger is really just the last drop that makes the bucket overflow.

Here’s an example to illustrate this:

Your nervous system is busy processing stimuli all day long.

The alarm clock in the morning…

The smell of coffee at breakfast…

The stress in traffic on the way to work…

The voices of your colleagues at work…

Gradually, your nervous system gets tired.

You decide to eat a piece of chocolate and it’s finally too much for the nervous system: the migraine attack begins.

Now you think that chocolate is one of your “triggers”…

But the piece of chocolate was simply the last drop that made the bucket overflow.

That was a lot to digest…

So, to summarize: Migraine occurs when the nervous system is overloaded and there is an energy deficiency.

→ Your nervous system is easily irritated and exhausted from the ground up.

→ If you come into contact with a trigger, it makes the bucket overflow and migraine occurs.

And where does the dangerous energy deficiency in the nervous system come from?

Usually, our body – and therefore also our nervous system – gets energy from our food.

However, scientists have now found that our food contains fewer and fewer nutrients. (Overloaded soils and pesticides are the main reasons)

Therefore, it is more difficult for us to get enough energy than it was 30 years ago.

In addition, modern lifestyles are often associated with a lot of stress and environmental pollution.

All of these are additional burdens on the already weakened nervous system…

Too many stimuli and too little energy to process everything.

When Dr. Berg had explained all of this to me, I was speechless at first.

I had never been explained the true cause of my migraines like this before.

Although I was skeptical, I decided to ask Dr. Berg what I could do to provide my nervous system with more energy…

Symptom-free thanks to the ATP cure

Dr. Berg explained to me:

“Since migraines come from a lack of energy and an overloaded nervous system, more energy needs to be supplied to alleviate the symptoms. And we do that with the ATP cure.”

I asked him what exactly that is because I had never heard of an ATP cure before.

“The name ATP cure comes from the molecule adenosine triphosphate, or ATP for short. ATP is basically the energy supplier of our body. If enough ATP is produced, every cell has enough energy available. When you eat something, for example, your body converts the nutrients into ATP.

A bit like a solar panel that converts the energy of the sun into electricity.

This means that if enough ATP is present in the body, every cell gets enough energy, and the nervous system can process all stimuli better. But if there is not enough ATP available, symptoms occur. Migraine sufferers can support their body in ATP production.”

Dr. Berg had piqued my curiosity, and I asked him how I could supply my body with more ATP.

He named three nutrients that are needed for this: magnesium, coenzyme Q10, and riboflavin (vitamin B2).


The most important nutrient for a relaxed nervous system is magnesium.

If the body lacks magnesium, the nervous system becomes imbalanced.

But beware: most forms of magnesium are difficult for our body to process when taken as a dietary supplement.

For this reason, magnesium should be taken in a form that occurs naturally.

The form called “Aquamin Magnesium” is said to be particularly good.

Aquamin Magnesium comes directly from the sea and thus has a particularly high bioavailability (which means it can be ideally processed by your body).

Coenzym Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is essential to boost the body’s energy production. This is because Coenzyme Q10 is directly involved in ATP production in the mitochondria.

You may remember mitochondria from your biology class. They are the powerhouse of the cell.

It has been found that in a large percentage of migraine patients, the mitochondria in the brain are not functioning properly.

Therefore, it is recommended for migraine patients to supplement with Coenzyme Q10.


Riboflavin is needed as a catalyst in the mitochondria as it helps to convert proteins into ATP.

So for the mitochondria to function properly, you need both enough Coenzyme Q10 and riboflavin.

I know, that was a lot of information at once.

That’s why I’ve summarized the most important things for you in the following graphic.

So you really understand the important impact that taking Coenzyme Q10, riboflavin, and magnesium has on your health.

To get enough magnesium, coenzyme Q10, and riboflavin, Dr. Berg prescribed me supplements that contain the right amount of these active ingredients.

Magnesium must be in the form of “Aquamin MG TG” and at least 200mg per daily dose At least 100mg of coenzyme Q10 per daily dose At least 50mg of riboflavin per daily dose With this, I was able to easily carry out the ATP cure from home.

I just had to take enough capsules every day. And…

It was worth the effort!

I have to admit, during the first 7 days, I was still skeptical if the ATP therapy would really work.

But after about 10 days, I noticed that my migraines were becoming less frequent.

After 3 weeks, I experienced several days in a row without any symptoms…

And when I did have a migraine attack, the pain wasn’t as strong as before.

I felt like a new person.

Finally, I could make plans without fear of an attack.

I could finally live a normal life.

It’s been 3 years now, and I still take the nutrients Dr. Berg recommended for me.

And for all migraine sufferers reading this report, I have some good news!

When I started the ATP therapy, it was very difficult to get the supplements in the right amounts and quality.

Sometimes I had to order them from the USA, which came with high delivery costs and long waiting times…

Also, any interruption in the therapy set me back, and the migraines returned…

However, a few months ago, I discovered a product that is produced in Austria and contains exactly the right ingredients.

The manufacturer is called Health Routine and the product is called Brain Complete.

I have tested Brain Complete in the last few months and am thrilled!

My migraines have been reduced from once a week to once every three months.

The product contains exactly the right amounts and delivery to Germany takes only 1-2 days.

I will continue to take Brain Complete because I am sure that the symptoms can completely disappear.

I am convinced that this product can help you too, to reduce migraines, alleviate symptoms or get rid of them completely.

Because the ATP therapy is the only thing that has ever helped me with my severe migraines.

What people say about Brain Complete

Thousands of users have already had success with Brain Complete.

To get straight to the point:


Your body produces the regulatory T-cells in the bone marrow and in the thymus gland. 


This requires mainly the amino acids cysteine, glycine and a few minerals.


Healthy people take in enough of these nutrients through food. 


People affected by psoriasis, however, need considerably more of them. 


Simply because the body has to produce significantly more regulatory T cells. 

“Ich leide seit 20 Jahren an Migräne. Seit 7 Jahren unter chronischer Migräne. Ich nehme Brain Complete seit 5 Wochen ein. Nach 2 Wochen hatte ich eine ganz leichte Migräne. Seit 3 Wochen nichts, trotz viel Arbeit, Kinder krank und viel im Kopf und jetzt Grippe. Ich nehme immer abends 2 Stück vor dem zu Bett gehen. Einmal dachte ich, jetzt kommt eine, hab dann gleich 2 Kapseln zusätzlich genommen. Nix war! Ich bin allgemein viel entspannter. Das ist echt super! Vielen lieben Dank!” – Martina K.

“Ich habe in diesem Jahr zunehmend Migräneanfälle bekommen. Meist im Zusammenhang mit der Periode bzw. in der Mitte des Zykluses, sodass ich 1-2 Tage im Monat nur im Bett liegen konnte. Da ich meine freien Tage wieder genießen und Kraft für Unternehmungen bekommen wollte, habe ich mich auf die Suche nach einer gesunden Heilmethode gemacht. Daraufhin bin ich auf Brain Complete von HealthRoutine gestoßen. Seit ca. 2 Monaten nehme ich die Tabletten nun regelmäßig (sogar nur 1 Tablette am Tag) und fühle mich schon viiiel besser. Im ersten Monat hatte ich noch leichte Migräne, die jedoch schon nur noch halb so stark war und in diesem Monat geht’s mir sehr gut! So dankbar für das Team & diese Veränderung!” – Noreen N.

“Ich nehme jetzt seid 6 Wochen die Brain Complete und wenn es so bleibt wie bisher, bin ich hellauf begeistert. Ich hatte seither keine Migräne mehr.” – Gabriele E.

“Ich kämpfe seit fast 30 Jahren mit Migräne und habe schon ganz viel ausprobiert. Jetzt habe ich das erste Mal das Gefühl, dass sich eine Verbesserung zeigt. Die Migräne Anfälle sind deutlich milder und treten auch deutlich weniger auf. Nebenwirkungen hat das Produkt keine, außer dass sich der Urin gelb färbt. Aber damit kann ich gut leben, wenn ich das Ganze mit dem Migräne-Leiden vergleiche 🙂.” – Linda U.

“Mittlerweile habe ich viel seltener Migräne als noch früher. Außerdem fühle ich mich allgemein besser und habe mehr Energie. Von mir gibt es einen klaren Daumen nach Oben!” – Bianca P.

I have linked the “Brain Complete” supplement below so you can see for yourself.

*Note: This is completely unpaid advertising.

I do not receive a single cent for linking the product.

Even if you were to buy the product, I do not receive any commission.

I am simply a convinced customer…

And have witnessed the amazing effects multiple times in my environment.

*Update: Due to the increasing popularity, the supplement has been frequently sold out lately. Currently, there is also a discount promotion running. Therefore, Brain Complete will probably not be available soon.

Usually, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the product to be restocked.


Therefore, I recommend that you grab the 3-month package directly.


This way, you will be on the safe side and won’t have any interruption in taking the supplement.


I’ve run out of stock once, and unfortunately, that was the time when the product was sold out.


As a result, I had to pause for a month, and I already noticed that I was getting worse from the third week.


With the 3-month package, you will also feel the best effect. The longer you use the dietary supplement, the more regulatory T-cells your body produces, and the better you will feel.


If you are NOT satisfied with the effectiveness of “Immune Pro,” you will get a full refund.


The online shop can offer this confidential guarantee because over 97% of customers are satisfied.

Pros and Cons about Immune Pro

What I like about Immune Pro:

1. Gets rid of psoriasis permanently

2. Backed by studies

3. 100% natural ingredients

4. Produced in the UK

5. Already helped over 2500 people


What I do not like that much:

1. Immune Pro is sold out very often

2. You have to take Immune Pro daily (not for life)



Using Immune Pro has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I recommend everybody suffering from psoriasis to at least try it!







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