The real reason for migraines

How I was able to reduce my migraine attacks by up to 70 % in just 12 weeks thanks to a new treatment method – without additional painkillers or injections. And this despite having suffered from acute migraine attacks for over 15 years.

Dear reader,

Migraine is not a normal “headache”, as many people think.

It is a serious neurological disorder.

In Germany alone, one in five people are now affected and the number continues to rise.

If you also suffer from migraine attacks, you will be familiar with this stabbing, throbbing pain in your head.

It feels as if your head is being pierced and your skull is bursting.

Then there’s the constant fear of the next attack…

I also suffered from severe migraine attacks for over 15 years.

With very acute attacks, even with aura.

6-8 migraine attacks per month have long been the norm.

That’s why I’ve tried pretty much every supposed miracle cure in recent years.

Special teas, oils, dietary changes, nutritional supplements, detox treatments …

From acupuncture and massages to endurance sports, I’ve tried everything to alleviate my migraines.

But nothing really helped.

The headache remained.

My last resort for acute attacks was painkillers.

However, they really upset my stomach…

I was just desperate…

The worst thing was the helplessness…

Do I have to go on living like this?

Is there no way out?

What can I do, who can I turn to?

I couldn’t and didn’t want to go on like this…

Something had to change.

So I decided to take my health into my own hands.

And did some research … mon

‍My story: How I made it from 12 attacks a month to a pain-free life:

Hello, my name is Bettina Schmidt.

I am 42 years old and I had my first migraine attack when I was 23.

During my first attack, I thought I was going to die.

I had a piercing pain, as if someone was sticking a needle from my eye through my head into my neck.

My boyfriend at the time called an ambulance.

And I ended up in the emergency room with a suspected stroke or meningitis.

A few hours later, it turned out to be “just” a migraine attack.

For the first few years, I suffered 2-3 attacks a month.

Over time, the attacks became more and more frequent.

The well-known “aura” also developed over time.

Before the headaches started, I had to deal with visual disturbances for 30 to 90 minutes.

At some point, I developed a real permanent panic.

I now had about 12 attacks a month.

And my thoughts were all about the pain and the fear that it would get worse.

I wanted and needed to change something in my life.

And so I started looking for ways to get my migraine attacks under control.

I spent a year devouring all the specialist books on migraines, scouring the internet for studies and new treatment approaches …

And finally found a way to treat my migraines holistically and relieve them permanently.

And I have good news for every sufferer out there:

The recurring mi

To say it up front:

When I recognized the real origin of my illness – and finally treated it …

my migraine symptoms were reduced by up to 70% in just a few weeks!

The discovery that changed everything…

It was a Saturday afternoon.

I was listening to a podcast by Bianca Leppert, the author of “Ich hab’ Migräne – Und was ist deine Superkraft?”.

She interviewed the migraine specialist Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel.

The podcast was about …

… the real causes of migraines,

… triggers and what role so-called “triggers” play

… the latest findings from migraine research and how migraines can be treated effectively*1.

“Most migraine patients only fight their symptoms, but not the real cause!” Prof. Dr. Göbel

Prof. Dr. Göbel from the Kiel Pain Clinic is an absolute expert when it comes to migraines.

According to him, there is no point in focusing only on possible triggers.

Triggers are only symptoms, but not the actual cause of the attacks.

It is much more important to understand the causes of migraines and to treat them holistically in order to permanently alleviate migraines.

Why triggers are not the cause of migraine attacks:

Trigger means trigger in German.

It is similar to a pistol.

When you press the trigger, the shot goes off.

Before that, the bullet lies still in the gun.

When this small trigger is activated…

Then an explosion occurs and the bullet is ejected from the gun.

The trigger is therefore not the cause.

Rather, it is the trigger that sets something in motion.

It is a mechanism.

Which, when activated, leads to an explosion like a burning fuse.

But first we need to talk about the prerequisites for a trigger to work at all.

Because triggers work at some times and not at others.

You can be stressed today and stressed next week, but the stress will only trigger a migraine attack the week after next.

Important: This means that the trigger doesn’t really matter.

Instead, it depends on your physical condition and the overall situation for a trigger to have any effect at all.

The scales fell from my eyes.

For years, I really panicked about triggers that I thought I had identified as the cause of my attacks.

I no longer wanted to go to a restaurant because I was afraid of certain foods or additives, such as glutamate.

And of the fact that these could trigger a migraine attack in me.

But that’s not the case at all.

However, most books on migraines still say that certain foods, such as citrus fruits, histamine and glutamate, are the cause of migraine attacks.

But this is simply WRONG.

You may also be familiar with apps that try to identify such triggers.

In order to then predict migraine days as soon as a certain mu

Why cheese, red wine and chocolate don’t trigger migraines:

Prof. Dr. Göbel explained: “For decades, people have thought that cheese, red wine and chocolate trigger migraine attacks, but this is a complete misconception.

On the contrary: the craving for certain foods, usually high-calorie foods such as chocolate, is already a symptom of migraine.

If you have this craving for sweets, it doesn’t trigger the migraine, it’s a symptom.

It’s like this: just as hunger for rollmops and raspberry ice cream is not the cause of pregnancy, it’s a symptom…

Just as a craving for cheese or chocolate is not the cause of a migraine, it is a symptom.

Unfortunately, this is still very little known.

First of all, it is important to better understand the processes before and during a migraine attack:

The first question is: “Why do some people get migraines and others don’t?”

This has to do with our genes.

Certain risk genes determine whether someone has a high susceptibility to migraines.

And therefore gets a migraine attack sooner or faster.

People who do not have these risk genes do not have this high predisposition.

These genes were discovered in one of the largest migraine studies conducted at the world’s leading migraine centers.

Over 375,000 test subjects took part in this study.

The result:

38 risk genes were discovered.

These risk genes are responsible for two key control mechanisms in our body.

Firstly, in the vascular system, our blood circulation.

The cardiovascular system in migraine patients, for example, is particularly at risk of inflammation.

This is because the blood vessels react more sensitively to stress than those not affected.

As a result, the risk of suffering from high blood pressure, heart attacks or strokes is twice as high in migraine patients.

The second major topic is psychological and sensory mechanisms, such as perception, thinking, feelings, etc.

Our nervous system is responsible for these areas.

Migraine patients perceive things faster and more quickly.

They react more quickly to stimuli.

At the same time, they are less able to adapt to recurring stimuli.

To put it briefly:

Everything that comes too quickly.

Everything that comes too suddenly.

Everything that comes all at once.

Everything that is constantly added to the stimuli.

This can trigger migraine attacks.

This is also what all triggers have in common.

The nervous system, which is already working very quickly due to these particular genes, reaches its upper limit.

There is an energy deficit in the nerve cells.

The brain therefore activates a protective mechanism.

It tries to compensate for the energy deficit and stabilize itself.

Z. For example, with cravings for carbohydrates and high-calorie food,

I realized that this is also the reason why I could often sense that an attack was imminent in the days leading up to the migraine.

I had a ravenous appetite for random things.

I ate a lot more and usually in a complete mess.

I opened the fridge several times in the evening and then ate chocolate, ice cream or another sausage or cheese sandwich while watching TV.

Until then, I thought: “Aha, I’ve eaten that again, that’s where it all came from.”

But the fuse had been lit for a long time.

And cravings are actually a protective mechanism of the body.

Prof. Dr. Göbel explained: “You should even give in to these cravings and try to replenish the energy in your nervous system.

The brain essentially needs three things:

These are nutrients, water and oxygen.

If one of these three things is not available in sufficient quantities or is consumed too much, an energy deficit occurs.

Z. For example, when dieting, skipping meals or increased stress levels.

This is because the body, especially the brain, also needs more energy when there is increased stress.

The result: migraine attacks are triggered.

To summarise again:

Avoiding red wine, cheese or chocolate does absolutely nothing.

Quite the opposite.

Cravings are a protective mechanism of the body.

The actual cause of migraines lies in the energy deficit of the nervous system.

Why stress acts like an accelerant for the next attack:

It is not the individual factor that triggers the migraine.

It is the sum total.

The life situation as a whole.

So it doesn’t depend on what happens at any one moment.

It’s the internal state, the condition of your body.

And over a longer period of time.

If you’ve been stressed for five days, then the fifth day of stress is the main problem.

Because then you are exhausted.

And not the first day, when the stress was perhaps even worse.

Prof. Dr. Göbel explained:

‘In fact, the most common migraine day is Saturday, followed by Sunday.

Because then you get out of the rhythm of Monday to Friday, go to bed later, have breakfast later.

And this leads to an energy deficit in the nerve cells.

With the result that a migraine attack is triggered.

The common denominator of all these factors is “change”.

Anything that changes too quickly, too impulsively and too suddenly puts a strain on the nervous system.

This is because the nervous system has to constantly perceive and process stimuli.

In migraine patients, this happens even faster.

That’s why migraine patients are very attentive, very focused and very efficient.

They see and solve problems more quickly and are very active in their nervous system.

However, if things change quickly, they also notice it very quickly.

This consumes a lot of energy in the nerve cells.

And that can set the attacks in motion accordingly.

So it is not the trigger “changed situation”, but the constant activation of energy in the nerve cells.

This leads to an excessive consumption of energy and ultimately to an energy deficit.

What consumes the most energy?

It is stress, i.e. overactivation.

Stress is at the top of the so-called checklist of trigger factors for migraines.

Why the fear of the next migraine actually increases the risk of attacks:

The second most common trigger factor is fear.

I’m sure you know this all too well…

The fear,

… of the next migraine attack,

… of being in pain,

… missing work, not being able to go to work,

… not being able to look after the children,

… not being able to be there for your partner,

… having to take medication again,

… having to call in sick and call the boss.

The problem is that this constant anxiety causes the nervous system to be on constant alert.

And constantly has to see how it can manage everything so that it can get through the day.

This means

The fear of the next attack can lead to an attack being triggered.

I was shocked.

That was the first time I understood this connection.

And I realized that it was my responsibility to learn to deal with my anxiety better.

Let me summarize again:

Whether someone gets migraines does not depend on individual triggers, but the cause lies in the genes.

The nervous system is much more active in people with migraines.

As a result, people with migraines are usually more concentrated and more efficient.

However, this “superpower” also consumes much more energy in the body.

If there is then an energy deficit, a migraine attack occurs.

Stress and anxiety in particular are other factors that can exacerbate migraines.

The good news:

This is exactly where the opportunity lies.

Because you can help your nervous system to replenish its energy reserves.

You just need to know how it works.

And you can get this knowledge now.

With the knowledge you gain in the following lines, you will realize that you are no longer helplessly at the mercy of migraines.

Instead, you can take control of it again.

Because although migraines cannot be completely cured, they can be controlled and therefore treated effectively.

It’s up to you whether migraines become a curse or your superpower.

You just have to learn to control them.

Now is the time for you to take back control.

The solution: supply your nervous system with enough energy again

Stress can never be completely avoided.

Be it at work or in everyday family life.

It is therefore important that you support your nervous system so that it can recharge its batteries.

And you build up more energy reserves, permanently.

This is one of the most effective ways to prevent migraine attacks and lead as migraine-free a life as possible.

What is the best way to supply the nervous system with energy?

According to the latest findings from migraine research, there is a treatment approach called the Migra-Resilience Method.

The Migra Resilience Method is already considered to be the most effective treatment method for migraines.

The Migra Resilience Method addresses the causes of the energy deficit in the nervous system.

It is based on a study by the Königstein Migraine and Headache Clinic*2:

How the Migra resilience method works in practice:

1. supply your nervous system with enough energy:

You can do this by helping your body to produce energy.

All of your body’s energy production takes place in the mitochondria.

You may remember them from your biology lessons at school.

The mitochondria are the power plants of the cells.

They supply you and your body with energy.

Researchers have recently made a discovery that is super important for us migraine sufferers:

It was found that in a large proportion of migraine sufferers, the mitochondria in the brain no longer function properly.*3

And when the mitochondria no longer function properly, the brain no longer receives enough energy.

This leads to overload and migraine attacks.

It is therefore important that your mitochondria function properly again.

Only then can your nervous system function properly again and build up energy reserves.

The latest medical studies show how the mitochondria can be strengthened.

Three nutrients are crucial for this*4

These are more or less the “building blocks of life”.

They are the coenzyme Q10, riboflavin and niacin.

However, niacin can be safely ignored.

Your body already has enough of it.

However, coenzyme Q10 and riboflavin are primarily responsible for ensuring that the mitochondria function properly again.

There is a very exciting analysis on this:

This was carried out by Dr. Markley.

Dr. Markley is a professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

He is also a specialist in neurology and headache medicine.

He is also the Executive Director of the New England Regional Headache Center.

Dr. Markley found that by taking coenzyme Q10 and riboflavin, there was an immense improvement in mitochondrial function.*5

But that’s not all!

By taking riboflavin and coenzyme Q10, migraine patients experienced significantly fewer migraine attacks per month.

The intensity of the attacks also decreased significantly.

It is now clear that a combination of riboflavin and coenzyme Q10 is the most effective way to improve mitochondrial function.

2. relax your nervous system:

Here, too, science is in agreement:

The most important nutrient for a relaxed nervous system is magnesium.*6

If the body lacks magnesium, the nervous system becomes unbalanced.*7

Magnesium helps to counteract this.

It is considered a true “anti-stress mineral”.

Taking magnesium is also popular with us migraine patients

After all, we suffer from particularly high levels of stress due to our active nervous system.

The problem is that our bodies can hardly absorb most forms of magnesium.

For this reason, magnesium should be taken in a form that also occurs in nature.

The form “Aquamin Magnesium” is particularly good.

Aquamin Magnesium comes directly from the sea and therefore has a particularly high bioavailability (which means it can be ideally processed by your body).

I know, that was a lot of information all at once.

That’s why I’ve summarized the most important information for you in the following graphic:

An intact nervous system is the basis for your migraine symptoms to disappear…

And you can lead a life free of restrictions.

So I set out in search of a suitable nutrient supplement to provide my nervous system with more energy.

I searched for weeks in Germany for a suitable supplement that met all the criteria of the Migra Resilience Method.

But the search turned out to be more difficult than expected …

Until my neurologist gave me the decisive tip about a preparation from Austria.

The product called “Brain Complete” was developed by the Austrian company “Health Routine” on the basis of the latest study results from migraine research.

When reading through the ingredients, I noticed that it was the first product available in Germany to date that contained all the active ingredients of the Migra Resilience Method.

What ultimately convinced me to order Brain Complete were the many positive testimonials:

The intake was a complete success!

After about 4 weeks I felt the first changes.

For the first time in ages, I didn’t have a migraine attack for more than 2 weeks at a time.

When I had another attack 3 weeks later, after a stressful week at work, I immediately noticed the difference:

The headaches were FAR less severe than before.

The attack started around Friday evening and when I got up the next morning, the headache had largely disappeared again.

That would have been absolutely unthinkable in the past.

From month to month, I noticed that both the number of migraine attacks and their intensity were decreasing.

It seemed as if my whole body was recovering.

As if someone had pressed the “reset” button in my head.

Trying Brain Complete was one of my best decisions!

The dosages and ingredients are precisely tailored to us migraine sufferers…

and were developed together with renowned medical specialists.

This ensures that the product really achieves the desired results.

There is in fact no comparable combination of nutrients that combats the cause of migraines so well

Brain Complete is the only product to date that contains the exact active ingredients of the Migra Resilience Method.

I have been taking it for over half a year now and am delighted with the effect!

I’ve included a link to “Brain Complete” below.

Then you can take a look for yourself.

Note: This is completely unpaid advertising.

I don’t get a single cent for linking to it.

Even if you buy the product, I will not receive any commission.

I am merely a convinced customer…

and have experienced the amazing effects on my own body.

Update: Due to its increasing popularity, the preparation has been sold out more often recently.

A discount campaign is also currently running.

Brain Complete will therefore probably soon no longer be available. I have already reordered my 3-month supply!

It then usually takes 6 weeks until the product is back in stock.

I can therefore recommend that you take the 3-month pack straight away.

That way you are on the safe side and there is no interruption to your intake.

Many readers have already told me that they initially only bought 1 pack of Brain Complete for testing.

When they were convinced of the effect because the migraine attacks became lighter and subsided, they wanted to order a second pack.

However, the product was sold out at exactly the same time.

And because they had to stop taking it for over a month, the progress had disappeared.

This is of course very annoying!

My recommendation is therefore to get at least the 3-month pack straight away.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the effect of Brain Complete, you will receive a full refund.

The online store can only offer this confidential guarantee because over 97% of customers are very satisfied with the results of Brain Complete.

Click on the button below to go directly to the “Health Routine” online store.

There you can get your own impression of “Brain Complete”.

The best thing to do first is to check whether it is still available.

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What I like about the H-Hemorrhoid Pen


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The product must be used daily for at least 3 months.




Overall, the H-Hemorrhoid Pen has convinced me in every way. It literally saved my butt and gave me a feeling of safety for the case that I have to encounter this issue in my life again.





7.https://cellcartoons.net/ ; https://sciencehook.com/ 







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