Groundbreaking discovery in osteoarthritis:

60-second "joint repair method" allows more than 3,141 osteoarthritis patients to permanently find a way out of discomfort within 12 weeks

Discover how thousands of people have successfully overcome their osteoarthritis symptoms from the comfort of their homes with this method. And how you too can reclaim your old life – with more mobility, energy, and full of joy – using this method.

My osteoarthritis had a strong impact on me. Nowadays, I know: There is a way out!

Hey, my name is Maria Kramer.


About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.


At the time, I was only 49 years old.


Every day, it felt like my joints turned into an even bigger issue.


My mobility became increasingly worse.


All of my joints were cracking and when it was colder outside, the pain became almost unbearable.


I thought it might just be a persistent flu or something like that.


But soon I realized that it was something worse.


After it didn’t get better for 3 months – but rather worse – I went to my doctor.


When I sat down with him, he told me that I was dealing with osteoarthritis.

It was a blow to the face.


As if someone had pulled the ground from under my feet.


But I decided not to give up.


I tried every form of treatment to improve my osteoarthritis.


I tried heat wraps, mud baths, and various detoxification treatments.


Then, I even followed a vegan diet for 6 months.


I underwent physiotherapy.


I did daily joint exercises, such as gentle movement of all joints, from fingers to toes.


Additionally, I tested numerous dietary supplements, such as glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and OPC.


Most of the time, the effects were only temporary – if at all.

But I didn’t want to give up. I didn’t want to accept my fate like this.


I read numerous tips from other osteoarthritis sufferers in forums.


I kept trying new recommendations.


A few days later, I experienced another severe osteoarthritis flare-up, which forced me to call in sick at work again.


The worst part was – I felt so helpless.


I sat at home all day and cried uncontrollably.


I just couldn’t take it anymore…


Then something happened.

I received a call from my favourite colleague, Bettina…

“Maria, you know that my sister works as a nurse, right?”


“Yes, why? What’s going on? You’re so excited!”


“I just heard some incredible news from her.


I had to call you right away.


I know how much your arthritis is bothering you. Listen carefully.”


What Bettina then told me about arthritis and a new joint repair method was incredible.


It completely turned my previous understanding of arthritis upside down.


And gave me new hope.

That was 4 months ago – today my life looks completely different…

My joy of life is back!


Finally playing with my grandchild again – WOW! – what a dream.


I missed it so much.


Not only that!


Bike rides with my husband Harald are possible again.


Not just for 5 minutes, but for hours.


Even jogging is no longer a problem for me.

My joints don’t wake me up at night any more.


In the morning, I wake up refreshed and with new energy.


Things are also going well in my job.


I’m fit and able to concentrate on my focus.


No pain thoughts to distract me.


Finally, I’m no longer afraid of the future.


I’m looking forward to the next day again.

What a development in just 4 months!


A development that I wouldn’t have thought possible


and that I initially didn’t believe in.


But now I know:

There is a way out of osteoarthritis!

A way that works for you too.


I know it sounds too good to be true.


Maybe you can’t even imagine a life without pain right now.


I was also sceptical at first.


But now I know it’s possible.


Today, I live a life WITHOUT pain.


And not just me!


Over 3,141 other osteoarthritis patients have already achieved this.


We all used the so-called “Joint Repair Method”.


According to studies and experts, it is classified as:

“The first effective measure to treat the cause of osteoarthritis and rebuild damaged cartilage. So that people with osteoarthritis can live pain-free permanently.”

So that you can finally get rid of your complaints now, I will show you how it works.

You will learn:

✅ What message your body wants to convey to you with your osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a wake-up call. Once you understand the causes of this condition, you can fix them. You will be able to lead a healthy life again, even if your family doctor predicts otherwise.


✅ Why your pain is not due to aging. Rather, cartilage damage due to joint inflammation is responsible. You must solve these inflammations, as otherwise, nothing will work permanently, no matter what you do. The good news is that this is easier to treat than you think, regardless of how long you have been suffering from osteoarthritis or how much cartilage has already been degraded.


✅ Why dietary supplements such as collagen, glucosamine, or OPC alone will not help rebuild cartilage. And what approach is the only effective method to finally get rid of your osteoarthritis.

I too became symptom-free using the exact same approach,


just like over 3,141 other osteoarthritis sufferers by now.

Heike L. (62) is finally able to live without pain medication

“My biggest wish was to get my osteoarthritis under control and live without complaints again.


I could hardly remember what it was like to live without pain.


I had worsening pain in (almost) all joints. Rehab or physiotherapy did not bring any success.


At the age of 61, I was already fully incapable of work and had to retire early. In addition to the strong pain medication, I also received antidepressants.


Sometimes I just wanted to despair. That made the situation even worse.


But for over 2 months now, I have been able to get through the day completely without pain medication.

For me, it’s like a miracle.

Finally, I am looking forward to the rest of my life again. I am so grateful.”

Sabine M. (44) kann endlich wieder als Friseurin arbeiten

“I was so desperate that I was on the verge of giving up my dream job as a hairdresser and retraining as an office clerk because my hands simply couldn’t take it anymore.


But I loved my job, just the thought of an office job made me want to vomit.


I didn’t know what to do anymore. At 38, I felt like I was 70. I was tormented by fears about the future…what if it gets worse?


Fortunately, my doctor gave me the crucial hint.


Today, I can already perform 80% of my job as a hairdresser again. I am sure things will continue to improve.


The progress in the last 4 months alone is indescribable. I am just so happy!”

Holger A. (51) kann endlich wieder Fahrrad fahren

“I’ve always been physically active. Sports were a part of my everyday life, like breathing. Mountain biking, skiing, soccer, hiking, and jogging were all things I loved to do.


But after my arthritis diagnosis two years ago, I had to give up all of my hobbies bit by bit. I became more and more depressed because I missed having an outlet. I couldn’t imagine my life without sports, and I didn’t want to.


When my wife got a tip from her friend, who had significantly improved her arthritis in just a few weeks…I decided to give it a try.


That was three months ago. Yesterday, I was able to take my first-day trip on my mountain bike in over a year.


I’m glad my wife stumbled upon that tip. I think she’s also glad that I’m no longer sitting at home as a depressed grump, annoying her with my bad mood.”

You see, for many people with arthritis, there is already a way out of constant pain.


Maybe you can’t even imagine a life without it anymore.


Playing with your kids or grandkids again?


Handling your workday without stress?


Enjoying life and going out?


Meeting friends or doing sports?


Having fun and looking forward to the future?


All of this may sound like wishful thinking, but it’s not!


Now it’s your turn!

If you are currently suffering from arthritis, then read my experience report carefully.


In a few minutes, you will probably be sitting in front of the screen, thrilled with the knowledge of how you can soon get rid of your arthritis symptoms.


And what simple steps are necessary to achieve this.

Because what you will read in the following lines


will turn your understanding of arthritis upside down forever.

Yes, you already told me that you received a call from Bettina during an arthritis flare-up…

She called and said: 


“My sister recently met a specialist during a training course.


A specialist in arthritis and sports medicine – with over 25 years of practical experience.


His name is Dr. Hay

He was the head of a specialist clinic for orthopaedics and rheumatology for over 10 years.


Dr. Hay told her that he had treated thousands of patients with arthritis in his practice for many years.


However, he could only prescribe pain medication and exercise therapy to his patients to relieve their pain.


While this provided some relief, it was not a long-term solution.


When his son was diagnosed with arthritis at just 29 years old, he set out to find a solution.


A natural and effective solution to help people with arthritis permanently.


Especially – WITHOUT side effects.


As Dr. Hay searched for an effective solution for arthritis, he had many conversations with his patients.


After many conversations and months of research, he discovered the only effective method for treating arthritis permanently.


Maria, pay attention, here it comes:

What Dr. Müller told us during the lecture fundamentally changed my knowledge about osteoarthritis.


For the first time, I understood why everything I had done before to alleviate the pain could not work.

Did you know that the literal translation of arthrosis is “bad cartilage”?

Osteoarthritis occurs when joints wear down prematurely.


In this condition, the cartilage in the joint deteriorates, causing the bones to rub against each other,


which results in severe joint discomfort.

You may be wondering why cartilage wears down prematurely?


There are various causes, such as an unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, accidents, overloading, or lack of exercise.


However, what they all have in common is that damaged cartilage tissue can be restored.


You might be wondering if this is really possible?


The answer is YES!


Even severely damaged cartilage can fully recover by rebuilding itself.

So this is how you will really get rid of your symptoms:

Step 1: You need to alleviate the inflammation in your joints.

You can imagine it like this:


Cartilage is like a cushion between your joints.


As long as this cushion gets all the necessary nutrients and enough “correct” movement – your joints usually stay healthy.


The joints always have enough synovial fluid, like a lubricant for the cartilage.


And the cartilage remains intact – even into old age.


So, when cartilage wears down, the cushion between the joints shrinks.


This means that with each movement, the joints rub against each other stronger, causing irritation and inflammation in the joints.


Then it’s called arthritis.


Arthritis is a joint inflammation that forms due to “bad cartilage.”


Once there is inflammation in the joint, this inflammation weakens the cartilage.


This often creates a vicious cycle of discomfort.


To rebuild cartilage, you must help your body to reduce inflammation.

Step 2: You need to ensure that your body produces enough new cartilage cells.

The good news is:


The body produces between 50 and 70 billion new cells every day, including numerous cartilage cells.


And you can help your body rebuild cartilage tissue.


For this, your body needs nutrients that support it in doing so.


Only then it can build new cartilage tissue.


One thing is important to know:


Cartilage can fully regenerate, no matter what form of osteoarthritis or arthritis.


Numerous scientific studies have already proven this.


If it’s that simple…


why did everything you’ve taken so far, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc., have no effect?


That is an important question!


If you have inflammation in your joints and then try to build new cartilage, for example, with collagen, it’s like building a house on sand.


The foundation is not stable, and the house will collapse.


Therefore, inflammation must be healed simultaneously with cartilage regeneration.

Through his own research, Dr. Hay knew which active ingredients the body needs to reduce inflammation and rebuild cartilage tissue permanently.


Therefore, he created a list of the exact active ingredients and their recommended dosage for his patients.


This gave his patients the opportunity to purchase the individual active ingredients themselves and take control of their health.

I took Dr. Hay’s recommendations to heart.


The very next day, I took his list of recommendations and searched for everything online.

During my research, I came across numerous scientific studies.

I could hardly believe it … apparently, I had stumbled upon a secret weapon against osteoarthritis!


The participants’ feedback from the studies gave me hope:


“The effect is absolutely amazing. I feel as good as I haven’t in a long time. I am much more alert, energized, and can move normally again. I feel much better,” wrote one participant.


“I never thought that a few vital nutrients could have such a strong positive impact on my life. I feel as good as I haven’t in years,” several participants reported.


“This morning I had tears in my eyes. For the first time in 6 months, I slept through the night,” expressed a participant.

In the following lines, I will summarize everything I know about the ingredients, their mode of action and synergistic effects.


This should help you save a lot of research time.

OPC and vitamin C form synergistic effects in alleviating inflammation

Let’s take a closer look at OPC as an ingredient:


OPC is a grape seed extract and one of the strongest antioxidants.


Its antioxidant effect is 20 times higher than that of Vitamin C.


At the same time, OPC and antioxidant vitamins mutually reinforce each other.


When you take Vitamin C and OPC together, OPC increases the effect of Vitamin C by tenfold.


If you take OPC without combining it with Vitamin C, its effect will be significantly lower.


What exactly does OPC do for osteoarthritis?


The body forms free radicals due to stress, improper nutrition, etc.


Free radicals trigger inflammation in the body.


OPC helps to alleviate inflammation as a booster of Vitamin C by intercepting free radicals.


In combination with Vitamin C and curcumin, which also have strong anti-inflammatory effects, this creates a powerful synergy effect.

Curcumin and Boswellia support healthy bones and joints.

Additionally, Arthro Pro combines curcumin and boswellia, also known as frankincense.


This further strengthens the chain of effects.


How so, you may ask?


Curcumin and frankincense are both proven remedies for inflammation and joint pain.


But together as a team, they are twice as strong.


Curcumin also supports healthy nerve function.


Our nerves play a big role in pain perception.


If our nervous system doesn’t function properly, even the smallest stimuli can cause strong pain reactions.


And what does frankincense do?


Frankincense has been known since ancient times as a remedy for joint pain.


The boswellic acid in frankincense also has strong anti-inflammatory properties.


The effects of frankincense and curcumin strengthen each other.


Together with vitamin C and OPC, they support collagen production for healthy bones and joints.


In addition, Arthro Pro contains piperine.


Piperine increases the bioavailability of curcumin.


It further enhances the effects of OPC and vitamin C.

As the antioxidants form a kind of chain together

A chain?


Yes, you know it from a bicycle.


When all the links of the bicycle chain are present, the chain is complete.


If one link of the chain breaks, the whole chain is broken.


That’s exactly how chains of effects work with vitamins and nutrients.


Your joints can only recover if inflammation is relieved holistically.


And that requires such a strong chain.

The power trio for cartilage build-up

Therefore, let’s take a quick look at MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin.


When MSM is combined with glucosamine and chondroitin, it creates a real power trio for cartilage formation.


In joints, MSM has pain- and inflammation-reducing effects and supports cartilage formation.


Glucosamine and chondroitin occur naturally in joints.


Glucosamine has cartilage-forming, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties.


Chondroitin’s job is to make cartilage resistant to pressure and stress.


In combination with glucosamine, both substances have twice the effect.


After reading countless scientific studies and research results, I wanted to try Dr. Hay’s recommendation.

The problem: There were countless different providers of the individual active ingredients…

There were countless different suppliers of the individual active ingredients.


Often, I didn’t know if the quality was right or if the dosage was correct.


I invested another 2 days of time to get an overview of the different preparations.


Then I finally had all the active ingredients together that Dr. Hay had recommended.


A few days later, when the postman delivered a load of packages, I was overwhelmed.


A stack of boxes stood in front of my front door.


I couldn’t carry them into the house alone.


The next day, I laboriously put together my daily doses for intake.


What frustrated me was that I had to take over 10 individual preparationseach with 2-3 capsules. And that daily.


Nevertheless, I wanted to follow Dr.Hay’s recommendation.


And after 4 weeks, the first improvement in my symptoms actually occurred.


However, I gradually became “tired of swallowing”.

That’s why I kept looking for a solution

Two days later, I went to see my physiotherapist Lisa.


She told me about another patient who had mentioned a product called Arthro Pro, which had helped her with her arthritis.


When I got home, I immediately sat down at my computer and googled it.


I found out that it has exactly the same ingredients as Dr. Hay’s recommended.


And that I had all bought individually and put together laboriously.


OPC, vitamin C, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Boswellia, curcumin, etc.


In Arthro Pro, everything was combined and therefore much cheaper.


Enthusiastic customers reported:

“After 2 months of taking it, I feel like a human again and can participate in life.”


“I can sleep through the night again and can handle the family routine. And that after 6 weeks of taking it.”


“Finally an effective solution against the pain. Such an improvement within 3 months. Like a miracle! I am so happy.”

I was totally excited and ordered it –


I had to try it out!

As I know today: One of the best decisions.

The delivery arrived within 3 days and I started taking it.


Since I had already taken the active ingredients as individual supplements before, I noticed that the effect of ArthroPro set in even faster.


After just 14 days, my sleep improved.


Getting up in the morning became much easier.


I was able to reduce my pain medication to a minimum.


After 8 weeks of taking it, I was able to take a one-hour walk with my grandchild for the first time.


I was overjoyed.


At work, I was able to concentrate better again.


In the evenings, I no longer felt like a truck had run over me.


I even had the energy for a movie night out with my husband.


My overall quality of life gradually returned!

I have been taking Arthro Pro for 16 weeks now and…


…my grandkids can’t get enough of jumping into my arms and flying.


…during family outings with friends, I no longer need to look for rest stops, but instead walk with joy and at the same pace.


…a sense of freedom spreads in my soul because the constant fear that the illness could get worse is blown away.

I am so glad that I took responsibility for my health and took my life back.

Now you know my story.


I can only recommend that you try Arthro Pro yourself.


You have nothing to lose. You can only gain in quality of life – even with a guarantee.


At Health Routine, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee.


If you have any questions, such as about how to take it, there is even a specialised health coach you can contact.


Which online shop has a trained health expert for personal consultations on board?


Even many pharmacies do not have a specialist on the topic of arthritis.


I’ll put the link for Arthro Pro below.


Don’t worry, this is completely unpaid advertising.


I don’t receive a single penny for linking to it.


I’m just a satisfied customer


& have had the amazing effects of Arthro Pro on my own body.

*Update: Due to its increasing popularity, the product has been sold out more frequently lately.


There is currently a discount promotion running.


Arthro Pro will therefore probably not be available for much longer.

It usually takes about 6 weeks until the product is back in stock.


Therefore, I recommend that you directly take the 3-month supply.


This way, you are on the safe side and won’t have any interruptions in your intake.


That’s what I did too. With the 3-month supply, you will also feel the best effect.


The longer you use the product, the better the effect will be. I experienced this myself.


You can imagine it like this: A nutrient deficiency in the body is just like a low battery on your phone.


It takes a little time to recharge it. Your body also needs some time to recharge the nutrient batteries.


There is also an additional quantity discount for the 3-month supply. So, you not only achieve the best effect, but also save the most.


Your purchase is completely risk-free.


If you are not 100% satisfied with the effect of “Arthro Pro”, you will receive your complete money back.


This guarantee is valid for you for 60 days!


Health Code can only offer such a guarantee because customer satisfaction is so high.


With just one click on the button below, you will go directly to the online shop.


Please check first if Arthro Pro is still available at the moment.

Important! Addition to Arthro Pro


The company has revised its concept again last year.


Nowadays, you will no longer receive just the product after ordering, but a complete introduction by email.


This means that a personal contact person will be assigned to you.


I find this really impressive.


This way, you are not completely on your own, but always have a helping hand by your side.


And these people are actually interested in making your wish come true.


All in all, a very positive development that I wanted to mention fairly.


Other changes that have caught my attention positively:


They are finally abstaining from any additional substances.


Here is the link to the Arthro Pro product again.

A few closing words…

I have given you all the important information in this article…


and I hope that you now understand the connections and causes of your arthritis better.


You now know how to achieve a pain-free life again.


So that you can finally lead the life you had before your arthritis diagnosis.


Over 3,141 affected individuals out there have already proven that it works.


I wish you all the best for your health and your life.


All the best,


Your Maria

The Kramer family sends their regards and hopes that you enjoyed the article

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